When it comes to selecting the right trigger sprayer for your product you might, more often than not, find yourself eventually selecting a sprayer from Zeller Plastik, a partner in Global Closure Systems (GCS). Since 1949, Zeller has been creating a broad array of high quality products that
have allowed it to grow their manufacturing operations to almost ten countries and sell in all corners of globe.
Why Is Zeller Special?
In the course of the last half-century, Zeller has developed a reputation for never compromising their standards in ways that would reduce quality. Besides trigger sprayers, Zeller has expanded their production portfolio to also include flip-top snap-hinge closures, closures incorporating valve systems, dispensing systems, roll-ons and sticks. Zeller’s various name branded technologies are the Zelvalve, Zelsnap and Zeldisk.
Though the company’s staple products are caps and closure, the trigger sprayer, in particular, is especially highly regarded in Europe. As a result of incorporating cutting edge injection molding technologies and high quality materials, Zeller sprayers can be relied upon for a seemingly unlimited variety of situations. Zeller’s sprayers are also lightweight and fully recyclable. Flexibly offering spray or jet variations, these trigger sprayers are surprisingly customizable with different sprayer types, lengths and closures.
Thanks to this continued growth and success, Zeller has been able to maintain their quality standards even in the midst of a market continually searching for endless ways to cut corners and reduce costs. It is for this reason that Zeller remains after almost seventy years to be a leading producer. If you still haven’t tried Zeller’s products, now could be a great opportunity.
Where To Buy?
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