The colour of the container plays an important role in marketing and in fact, adds value to the product. No wonder, marketers and packaging experts spend a great deal of time on research to pick the best colours for packaging containers. Picking the right colour for the container plays an important role in how the product is portrayed in the mind of the customer. It also helps in differentiating the product from all other similar products which are available.


Understanding Colour Psychology

Companies are now stressing a lot on the colour psychology which helps them in picking the right colours for their packaging design. Plastic containers, food boxes, packing boxes or even plastic trays need to be of the right colour combination to catch the fancy of the customers. As per colour psychology, there are some rules which need to be followed. One very popular example is related to food boxes. Have you ever seen food boxes or food plastic containers in black? Black was a complete taboo and since ages it was never a choice for any food container or food. In other cases when the product that is being packed is about a specific colour like cherries or bananas which directly relate to some specific colors and need to be portrayed in that specific colour to avoid user confusion.

Choosing Colours for Packaging – How Important It Is

Just don’t rush or dive when selecting a colour combination for your food boxes, food containers or packing boxes. It is important to do some research, understand customer requirements and then move ahead. You need to get answers to a few questions when selecting colours – ask yourself

  • Is this the latest colour trend?
  • Will it be able to grab the attention of customer?
  • Will you be happy sticking on to this colour scheme in future too?

When selecting designs and colours for packaging products, you have to remember that it is not always about how the product looks but it is also about how well it works.

What you need to see when selecting colour combination for packaging products?

  • Remember your customer – who is your customer and what your target market is. You need to understand why they will buy your buy product only?
  • What is the purpose of the product? What message will it convey to the buyer. Is it a luxury product or something about sophistication and elegance?
  • Colours for packaging products should be chosen on the basis of message you need to convey.
  • Do not forget to do a bit of test color packaging to understand how successful your product has been.

Here are some interesting facts on choosing colours for packaging and why it is so important.

White Packaging– If you learn about colour psychology you will understand that white is about innocence and equality. It also signifies new beginning. When selecting white as a packaging colour, you will ensure that it is conservation, safe, basic and will create a good impression of simplicity, efficiency, cleanliness and purity. If messages are added in red in white background it will

mean excitement and draw great attention towards the product. Yellow decoration usually signifies light heartedness and fun product.  White coloured food containers and food boxes certainly mean cleanliness and purity in content. Isn’t it?

Blue Packaging– Blue packages signify strength, unity, reliability and trust. If blue is used in packaging products, it will definitely talk about reliability and trust. Dark blue packaging means conservatism, serious and more professional attitude. Lighter shade of blue means creative product and adds to calmness and relaxation of the buyer. While selecting packaging colours you need to remember that blue is the most liked colour for both men and women alike and hence for packaging products it is certainly a safe colour to choose. You need to select the right shade of blue.

Green Packaging– As per colour psychology, green is the colour of wealth, growth and security. In case of packaging products, green means natural, healthy, organic and eco-friendly. Dark green means professional quality, luxury, wealth and sophistication. Muted green means products which are environment friendly, safe and welcome. Decoration and printing in any kind of green packaging should be added to make it attractive for the target audience and market.

Black Packaging – Black is a colour which signifies control, authority and power. It stands out as a packaging colour and the products tend to appear expensive and heavier when packaged in black. It adds mystery, intimidation and at the same time class and elegance. Printing and decoration on black packaging helps to send a psychological message to all potential customers. Gold décor adds elegance and sophistication, helping the package to stand out from others.

Red Packaging– Red is all about strength, energy, action and excitement. If red is used in packaging, it draws attention, helps in stimulating senses and also excites the buyer. Dark red colour is luxurious and professional while bright red is energetic and exciting. If gold and silver is added in such a combination, it helps in increasing the perceived value of the product.

Colour of packaging containers has a major role in deciding the success of the product and the way the customer accepts the product.