By now, it’s near impossible to find anyone still not acquainted with the powerful tools born with the inception of the Internet. The simple novelty of a wide scale entertainment system still exists, but now the growing presence of business and practical usage is completely replacing the cat pictures, music videos and cookie recipes.

YouTube is one of those applications now receiving a facelift, literally. Though originally built as a purely entertainment-oriented site–where anyone could upload videos of practically anything–YouTube has become a financial powerhouse, where many have mastered the art of the camera. 

One of the most exciting developments during the last decade is a new wave of users called beauty vloggers (video+blogger). These mostly younger, teenage girls almost accidentally are actively changing the way the cosmetic and beauty industries are now operating. 

Filming from their pinkish bedrooms bespeckled with candles and soft lighting, these users foster a calm environment for fans to sit back, relax and engage with someone who cares about them.

For many viewers, vloggers become one of their closest friends–albeit virtually–who know a lot about applying makeup, but also share a wide variety details from their lives. By taking part in commentary conversations and Q&A sessions with fans, the level of intimacy can be infinitely advanced.

Seriously Big Numbers

There have been a number of trends enabled by YouTube over time, but to stay alive longer than the fleeting attention span of the Internet, a key complementary feature must exist: money. Perhaps vloggers know this better than anyone.

It’s unclear exactly how much is being individually earned, but it’s generally assumed that millions of views pay thousands of dollars from ad revenue. Stack product placement and brand sponsorships on top of that and you’re easily looking at sizable returns on generally low-budget operations. 

But it’s not just money that’s being earned. An evolution in how consumers purchase and use products is also in action. Whereas most people used to go to the shop, and with the help of a salesperson, try many different products to find their preference, today’s buyers are much more aware of their desires before they leave their home. 

Many stores have been forced to change their style of service and sales or else risk losing business. Enthusiastic market flexibility here is just another indication of the power of these vloggers. 

They Speak, We Listen, Companies Act

As it becomes more and more clear that industry is settling into a permanent change, the onus is now on cosmetic supply companies and their upstream brands to strategize how to best take advantage of this revolution. 

By working with vloggers to advertise products and receive straightforward, honest reviews, companies can design more effective products right from the beginning. In a way, these YouTube stars are helping to create an open dialogue between brands and their consumers to support higher levels of satisfaction. 

Recently, YouTuber, Carlitadolce, tried out some of our most popular cosmetic products. Carlita has a dedicated fan page with hundreds of thousands of followers and has grown to become Italy’s most popular vlogger for cosmetics.

We were glad she accepted because not only did she love the jars, sprayers, bottles, and more, but her audience did, too. We’re delighted with the response and can’t wait to work with the next vlogger. 

Watch the video (below in Italian language) to see Carlita in action, and be sure to follow her page to stay up to date on all her great videos and reviews. 

(Photo: Valentina Jori)