Today, there are a wide range of products available on the market, which means an increased chance of similarities in design. For brands trying to distinguish their products and set them apart from the crowd, similar designs is something to be avoided.

To avoid this, brands need to create something unique and daring so that customers can easily differentiate one product and brand from another. With growing demands on the packaging industry to create more modern, more lightweight and more reusable packaging, manufacturers need to design packaging that makes use of the latest technology to create fashionable products that win customers by offering something the rest don’t.

The future of packaging lies in today’s ever-changing trends. Each year, packaging design trends change, and manufacturers should look to the latest consumer trends and insights as a way of standing out and succeeding in a saturated market. Manufacturers should also seek out innovative, creative and unusual designs to make packaging distinct.

Sustainable Success

It’s no surprise that today’s packaging – and indeed future packaging – needs to reflect the increase in customers seeking out sustainable products. Striving to reduce our ecological footprint means further advancing the steps that many brands have already taken to become more environmentally friendly. Many drinks brands have used technological advancements to stand out, using less plastic and more plant based materials to create 100% recyclable plastic bottles. This is common technology in plastic bottles, but to make your products the most appealing and talked about, your brand needs to go one step further than everyone else, and this means being innovative when creating eco-friendly packaging.

In order to advance, brands should be bold with the future of their packaging. An example of this is the development of edible food packaging; an innovative concept that appeals to consumer desires for sustainable products, whilst making use of design advancements. Edible food packaging is just one way in which manufacturers are evolving and following the latest trends to create distinguishable, yet easily recyclable products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Eye-catching Design

Packaging is a way of advertising a product, and to make your product unlike anything else available, apply unusual and striking designs to grab the attention of customers from a distance so that they gravitate towards your product. Unique products stand out from the crowd, so innovation and imagination in design is essential for manufacturers. Design aspects are constantly progressing, with shapes, colours and sizes all being integral parts of packaging design and manufacturing.

But it’s no longer just about original shapes and colours: advances in packaging have made custom designs a possibility, and brands can use personalisation to their advantage to provide customers with a more unique experience. Personalised packaging has enabled brands to add more value to their products by offering something different to other products available, and products that are individual to the customer. Features such as exciting, unusual and creative packaging can increase sales by enticing customers to purchase products at first glance.

With so many products available in today’s market, the future of successful packaging lies in a brand’s ability to innovate and constantly create, making use of technological advancements and consumer trends to ensure that their products are instantly recognisable and a step apart from the rest.