Overcaps: an essential part of packaging for many products. Found predominantely on items such as fine mist sprayers and other cream dispensers such as foamers, pharmaceutical sprayers, pumps and airless dispensers, overcaps are used to protect dispensing mechanisms. But what exactly does this small packaging addition do, and why are they so favoured in the packaging industry?

Made from plastic, an overcap is a small but extremely useful cap that fits over a number of sprayers and dispensers. It’s rare to find these types of products for sale without an overcap. Although the most popular design is the rounded overcap, the product range is available in a variety of colours, enabling manufacturers to match overcaps to the design of the product underneath it. The actual size of the overcap, however, depends on the type of dispenser it’s fitted over, which ensures a secure fit.

The main purpose of an overcap is to prevent the sprayer or dispenser from damage. When fitted onto a product, the dispensing mechanism – whether this is a sprayer, foamer, pump or something else – cannot be depressed or pressed in. Overcaps provide protection and act as a seal against external factors.  

Sprayers and other dispensers with overcaps are used most frequently in the cosmetics industry. We often like to take our cosmetics with us on the go, and this usually means keeping them in our handbag or travel bag. However, the possibility of a product being accidentally sprayed and leaking over our belongings can cause a bit of a headache. Overcaps take away this concern. As the sprayer cannot be depressed when an overcap is fitted, there’s no unwanted dispensing, meaning products can be carried without fear of spillages, and product wastage is prevented, making an overcap a cost-effective addition!

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