When products reach the shelves, packaging labels display the net weight of the product. Net weight refers to the actual or estimated weight of the product without its packaging. With a weight for the product listed, manufacturers are hesitant to add further weight to the net total, and this means keeping packaging weight as low as possible.


To keep products as close to their net weight as possible, the weight of the actual packaging becomes a crucial point to consider during packaging production.


Although rigid and heavy packaging would seem to offer more secure product packaging, nowadays, this isn’t the preferred option in the packaging industry. In the majority of cases, packaging has to be lightweight, but also strong and durable. There’s an increasing emphasis on packaging being light, but strong, regardless of whether the packaging material is glass, plastic or something else.


Advantages of Lightweight Packaging for Manufacturers

From a manufacturer’s perspective, packaging should do these things:

  • It should protect the product.

  • It should be cost-efficient to produce and transport.

  • It should be attractive on the shelf.

  • It should have limited impact on the environment.

The shift towards lightweight packaging has meant that packaging material itself can be cut. For the majority of lightweight packaging, less material is used overall, which means production costs are reduced as fewer resources are used in the creation of the packaging. As less material is used, the packaging produces less waste, therefore having less impact on the environment and offering a more sustainable approach to packaging for manufacturers. Transportation costs are also cheaper, as more can be transported in one load. For manufacturers, the simplification to the production process, reduction in cost and the subsequent packaging ultimately having less impact on the net weight total, is the main advantage to lightweight packaging.


A Consumer Perspective

Having packaging that adds little to the net weight total makes products more appealing to the consumer. Packaging is less heavy and bulky, making it more convenient for customers to transport and carry. Products are, however, appropriately protected, ensuring that they arrive and remain in perfect condition.


Stylish designs and functional products, when combined with lightweight packaging, provide a consumer friendly experience and meet market needs. For companies planning packaging for their products, considering the weight of packaging, and the importance of net weight, is a vital step that shouldn’t be overlooked.