Trigger sprayers are very useful devices for dispensing liquids on almost every kind of surfaces.

They can be used for many purposes, especially, where the application of the liquid content requires even distribution.

By using trigger sprayers, it is easy to control the amount of liquid that is being dispensed. This can solve wastage problems which most consumers experience when using other dispensing devices or simple bottles.

Customers can find more than a hundred types of trigger sprayers in All in Packaging webshop. You can choose from numerous types, shapes and colours. You can find normal, industrial and mini trigger sprayers.

In addition to the items in our portfolio – which is available immediately from stock – most products can be ordered in different colours. You can easily find the perfect trigger sprayer head which harmonises with your bottle choice and also follows the current trends in packaging.

Beside conventional trigger sprayers, customers can find high-quality pre-compression valving system trigger sprayers in our webshop. They efficiently dispense the output. From pulling the trigger to end of actuation, these sprayers are sprayers that have no liquid waste.

The trigger sprayers are efficient. They are made of a high-performance standard which is greatly valued by consumers and brands.

Depending on the features of the filling material, you can choose from several types of (fine mist, sprayer, Foamer,) sprayers with different dispersal.

Trigger sprayers can be used for the application of window cleaners, furniture care, household cleaners, lawn and garden products, laundry products, bathroom products and automotive products.

Trigger sprayers offer several marketing opportunities. It is not only the bottle of the sprayer that can be labelled, but the trigger body can be marked as well.

The body of the sprayer determines the profile, look and marketing value of the trigger.  It can also have an ergonomic shape or it can be labelled.

Trigger sprayer bodies and shrouds can be uniquely designed. This means companies have the opportunity to create a distinctive appearance for their product on the shelves.

Ergonomic and user-friendly features are the main factors when designing a brand new trigger sprayer, or choosing a supplier for existing products.