Small glass bottles or glass jars have so many uses, with one convenient use being to carry water and other beverages. Glass bottles have long been used for drinks storage, and can be bought in most stores. Though glass bottles tend to be a bit heavier than plastic alternatives, glass is the eco­friendly option that offers great taste, as well as looking good.
Glass bottles are available in different sizes, depending on the volume of water or fluid it needs to store. Features usually include a narrow mouth to minimise wastage and ensure smooth, consistent pouring. There are several advantages of using glass bottles for storing or carrying fluids, which make them an exceptional packaging material for juices, drinks and water.
Fresh and Pure
Purity is one of the main benefits of using glass bottles. Thanks to glass being impermeable, glass bottles help in keeping filtered water fresh, without any risk of the water getting contaminated. Similarly, if you are using glass bottles to carry fruit juice, there is no other material that can ensure better protection of juice. Bottles of different sizes are available for storing a variety of fluids, aimed at attracting customers to the packaging.
Easy To Clean
Small glass bottles are easy to clean. Many people will reuse glass bottles over and over again, so it’s important they’re kept clean and free from germs. Cleaned easily with liquid soap, they continue to offer the same purity even after numerous washes. This means you can keep your
glass bottles for storing other items at home, without the additional hassle of struggling to clean them.
Range of Sizes
Regardless of their use, glass bottles are available in a range of stylish shapes and sizes. You can buy small glass bottles for storing medicine, for example, or larger glass bottles for commercial use, or for making homemade drinks look professionally made! Available in various designs, too, glass bottles can be used for different purposes and always look great.
Store Anything You Like
No matter what liquid is stored in your small glass bottle, the bottle stays crystal clear and perfectly clean, even after repeated use. And unlike plastic, glass doesn’t take on other colours, so you can keep anything in the bottle: limes, oranges, lemons – the choice is yours! It won’t affect the smell; it won’t degrade and it’ll look exactly as it was when you bought it. There really is no restriction on what can be stored in a glass bottle.
On top of all these benefits, there’s one final advantage of using glass bottles, containers or jars, and that is that glass causes no harm to human health. The material doesn’t contain any toxins, so you can use glass with complete peace of mind. We think that’s reason enough!
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