Packaging industry is one of the most prosperous and blooming industries today, with hundreds of brands competing one another to be the best packaging solutions provider in the world. Services and products offered by every such company is different from one another and is aimed to offer customized benefits to customers.

Each such brand has its own specialized area of experience and offers unmatched services to win manufacturer’s interest and be a leader in the packaging industry. Brand packaging is now on a never-before boom and is expected to flourish more in the coming years.  Here are some of the most famous brands of the packaging industry.

Beumer Group

This is a famous international brand and one of the leaders in packaging suppliers’ categories, which specializes in helping companies packaging products, palletising, sortation as well as palletising. Beumer Group is currently present in several industries, across the globe. The brand employs more than 3500 people working to provide the best in industrial packaging. The company plans, builds as well as installs systems as per customer requirements, adhering to strict company policies. Some important things which are taken care of by Beumer Group include space saving brand packaging options, articulate arm robot which performs several difficult tasks reliably and quite efficiently. Whether it is containers, boxes, trays, canisters, bags or cartons – everything can be stacked well. This popular packaging solutions provider brand offers reliable packing solutions to thousands of clients located worldwide.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

A highly reliable brand packaging which offers super quality machines that are made to deliver workhose performance, need very little maintenance, are easy to operate, have great modular design and offer complete flexibility. The brand is known to combine latest technology features with existing operating principles especially for machines which help in offering real world solutions, which is needed by packaging companies.

Case erectors for packing have self indexing feature while top stack feeders are made to run band marked and warped cases conveniently. These are much in demand as packaging products used in several industries. This brand is a trusted source of industrial packaging product where quality products are available. Machines created by the company are designed to offer gentle handling, strong performance and secure packaging for what they are designed.

ADCO Manufacturing

Another leading brand of industrial packaging provider!! This famous packaging solutions provider specializes in making load cartoners – both vertical and horizontal in nature. The company also builds wraparound sleevers, top load carton formers, loaders and closers, tray formers and also robotic case packers along with several other custom solutions, needed as per customer specification. ADCO involves great skills and experience, helping its customers gets their job done in very little time, with perfection and with least hassles. The company offers flexible, innovative and highly adaptable packaging solutions in a large number of categories. The company is known to specialize in Robotic Product Sortation/Feeding Systems, in customized Robotic Case Packers and robotic carton loaders along with other packaging supplies, much in demand as industrial packaging products.

Langen Group

Another famous packaging supplier that offers extraordinary packing machinery solutions which are reliable and affordable! The company offers high speed product collation, case packaging solutions, palletizing, cartoning and similar services for the packaging industry. With more than 60 years of experience in packaging industry, the company knows well what companies look forward to in case of packaging a product and works to provide customized solutions. The company strives to offer innovative packaging solutions in partnership with customers helping the brand stand out from every other company, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Eagle Packaging Machinery

This USA based brand was established in the year 1998 and is best known for its tray forming as well as palletizing technology. The brand is quite different from other packaging suppliers as it has built quite a diverse line of product which includes the ability to seal and form corrugated cases and trays which are much needed by the packaging industry. Sealing is generally done with self locking mechanism and also with help of tape and glue. The company makes every endeavor to ensure optimum performance and complete satisfaction for the customers. The brand caters to a wide range of industries which includes electronics, pharmaceutical, health, apparel, beauty, printing and food and beverage packaging industries.

Arrowhead Systems, Inc.

Known to be an industry leader and the top providers of line productivity packaging solutions, conveyors and packaging machinery, Arrowhead Systems has customers located around the world. The brand had a huge customer base and served the needs of food and beverage industry, household products and also container manufacturing industry.

These were some of the brand packaging providers in packaging industry worldwide. There are several more companies which are making a mark for themselves and becoming popular in a short time.