There’s a multitude of options when it comes to choosing packaging containers for food products. Given the popularity of plastic as a material, it’s used to make food containers in all shapes and sizes, each best suited to certain products.

One particular plastic container, with a filling capacity of up to 20ml, has a number of features that make it the ideal choice for packaging food products in small quantities.

Ideal for Various Products

Despite the relatively small volume capacity, plastic containers like this are great for a range of food products. They’re the ideal size for use by restaurants and takeaways where free sauces – such as ketchup and mustard – are offered, as well as small salads, salsas and dips. They can also be used to store ready-made, single portion sauces and creams for pasta, or as containers for free food samples at food markets and country fairs. Supermarkets can even benefit from this plastic container when handing out food testers to shoppers.

PET Material

Made from PET plastic, this oval shaped, plastic container offers a lightweight, strong and impact resistant solution to food packaging. The durable, tough material protects products stored inside, and unlike glass, the plastic can’t be broken. The hinged lid enables easy opening and closing and ensures food products stay secure and fresh, helping to maintain taste and improve shelf life. It also means products can be taken away and easily transported.

As lightweight packaging, fuel and transportation costs are reduced, making it a cost-effective packaging solution. As it’s so lightweight, it’s highly portable, enabling you to carry the container round with ease. Portability is one of the main factors for a steady demand of plastic containers, so this feature is especially important when designing food packaging.

PET, as a material, is an excellent water and moisture barrier – perfect for keeping food fresh and protected from external factors. It isn’t, however, resistant to high temperatures, so any food stored in PET plastic containers needs to be transferred to a heatproof container if and when heating – although for many of the sauces and food samples that will be packaged in this container, heating isn’t required.

A Smart Choice

For food packaging, retaining food freshness and quality is key; so is the need for economical material and production. Innovations in food packaging mean that designs are constantly advancing to create better, more effective packaging for products. The 20ml oval, hinged plastic container offers both cost-effective packaging, thanks to the plastic material, and appropriate packaging for small quantity food products.

Small enough that it’s convenient to carry, yet with enough space for adequate quantities, the 20ml plastic container is a flexible form of packaging that suits many areas in the food industry.