Packaging and product branding share a close relationship since product branding and imaging is highly dependent on a product’s package. A good and attractive package helps in creating a recall value for the product so that customers can begin to easily identify the item, its company colors and designs, and illustration or logo. Packaging is powerful and has the capacity to build or ruin a brand image completely.
Role of Packaging
Packaging plays an important role in product branding. Customers are known to be quite instinctive and very reactive when purchasing products. Research has revealed that customers actually read just 5-7 words in their entire shopping trip. Thus, a product packaging has just a few seconds to attract the customer’s attention and convey their message. A package which is in an unusual shape, looks attractive and different, grabs the attention of customers quite easily than other simple packaging designs. 
Thus, the best-selling packaging is one which is designed to be kept in mind and use of biomotive triggers. What does this imply? It is a simple theory that packaging focuses on different sensory cues which affects different feelings and also the subconscious mind of consumers. A good packaging design understands all 16 combinations which are connected and helps brands connect effectively with consumers to build defendable assets and sell many more products.
In order to be successful, a brand needs to have a distinctive and quite strong view point that should be expressed clearly and effectively through the packaging. Any effective packaging is easy to understand at first glance, which would explain its relevancy. A solid packaging should be able to deliver its promise so that customers easily come back and buy the product again. 
Packaging will stand out only when it is attractive and different. Regular color combinations, styles, shapes, sizes or illustrations may not help in building brand image. Any regular packaging will not create a separate existence for your brand and will not be successful in the long run. This is where the relationship between branding and packaging needs to be understood.
Your Package Promotes Your Brand
Your brand should be a consumer’s signpost to a specific category. Packaging is not restricted to covering the product or just about filling space on shelves. It is also not about shouting out loud about a product. It is about some orientation to help the consumer understand the packaging design, material or appeal which is interesting and attractive. 
So, how will your package speak for your brand? How does it promote the brand? It’s all about effectiveness. Remember, simple can also be effective. In a visually agitated market, a simple visual or auditory calmness can draw people’s attention. Your design need not always be bright, colorful and loud to be effective.
A good packaging creates a sharp iconic connection and this is where your brand image is built. Customers will recognize this and come back to you week after week, recognizing this iconic connection. Remember, stickiness is a major characteristic of your brand’s mark. Do your best so that your packaging creates such an action for your brand.