It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after spending more than thirty years developing better and better airless technologies, MegaPlast has finally created the near perfect dispenser.

Originally fully established nearly fifty years ago, MegaPlast has used their long line of investment and experience to continue to satisfy customers from around the world. Today, the company is famous for its airless dispensers utilizing a completely plastic structure that boasts an automatic sealing valve, precise dosing and a fully recyclable design.

Thanks to the patented design that completely seals following each use, liquid contained stays fresh, lasts longer and will be free from contamination and discoloration. Investing in Megaplast will keep your customers happy as their products will continue looking their best for as long as they need them.

Plus, when you need highly specific dosages (0.5 – 1.5 ml), trust in the dual-valve construction to always offer a highly precise amount of product–again and again. For cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, this is often not just a need, but a requirement.

To best support a growing range of customers and users, MegaPlast has designed their dispensers in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for many applications. From 30 to 200 ml, buy exactly what’s needed to get the job done and never settle for merchandise that’s not right for you.

Equipped with a cutting-edge, ISO 9001 certified factory and a technical team that holds over thirty patents, MegaPlast will never stop innovating and so you won’t either.


Where To Buy?


Though MegaPlast formerly catered to both small and large order customers, their recent acquisition by Aptar causes them to focus solely on large customers. We’re happy to report that we have a wide variety of similarly premium Airless Dispensers that will please you just as much at All In Packaging. We are a proud supplier of high-end goods like these and thousands more. Plus, with customer support in over ten languages, weekly newsletters with hottest deals and free shipping (on orders over £160), what’s not to love?

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