We all know the importance of food labelling and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Products with incorrect labelling can cause huge damage to your brand, and products can potentially lose their credibility.

But most of us don’t know how or what to check when verifying food product packaging labels, and this concept is an important part of the verifying schedule in order to help us determine whether food packaging labels are correct or not.

Do you know how to verify the labelling on food packages, and the various steps that need to be taken to do so? We’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you verify the labelling on food packaging.

Artwork Sign Off

If you are using labelling for your food packaging, you need to make sure that there is an artwork sign-off. Your art designer or the printing organisation will offer the artwork that can be used on the food packaging. The main aim here is to ensure that the information is correct and true. Customers need to to be able to check details like the list of ingredients, product weight, nutrition panel, product description and more.

Check Samples

If you are the owner of the product and design packaging for your customers, you should always first see a sample label. Once you’ve checked the sample, if everything is as expected you can then approve the artwork and have the labels printed. Checking sample labels will save you printing costs, as opposed to finding faults in the package later on. As a customer, when you check the food label, you need to check that all information on the label is clear and well printed. If there is any confusion or contradictions, this is not a good sign.

When the labels are delivered, there are a few areas of the label that you need to check, which are usually checked and verified by buyers, too. Any ignorance in this area will hamper the credibility of your business. The areas to check include:

  • The barcode – you need to ensure that the barcode can be scanned.

  • Correct printing – check thoroughly to ensure that all the printed information on the package is correct. If possible, you should double check all of the samples. It might happen that the error occurs in one set but not all.

  • Legible print – this problem has been observed several times. Customers can see the label, but unfortunately can’t actually read any of the information. This causes frustration and customers are likely to stop reading, which definitely won’t help your business.

As customers, you need to check other important factors such as the ‘best before date’. Careful observation of this date is required when it comes to food packaging labels, as products used beyond expiry dates can be detrimental to health.


The labelling of food packaging is an important aspect for both the customer and the manufacturer. Essential for providing product information, verifying food packaging labels is a key consideration when creating successful and credible products, packaging and brands.