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There are certain everyday essentials that we all use. Toothpaste is one of these essentials, being used twice a day, 365 days a year. Given its daily use, toothpaste needs to be quick and easy to use for all ages, which is where toothpaste tubes come in.

The standard toothpaste tube packaging we’re so familiar with is evolving into newer, more convenient tubes that ensure high quality, hygienic and secure packaging for toothpaste.

Toothpaste Tube Features

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, toothpaste tubes are the ideal container for thick liquids. Strong and flexible, tubes are easy to squeeze for straightforward toothpaste dispensing – even for little hands! Tubes are normally white in colour when manufactured, which gives designers the freedom to be creative with packaging design. Packaging can be personalised to attract customers as well as promoting a brand. Print designs, in a variety of colours, are endless.

But these days, toothpaste doesn’t just come in the recognised soft tube shape: packaging designers are constantly innovating to come up with toothpaste tubes that are easier to store, while offering cleaner dispensing.


It’s becoming more common for manufacturers to package toothpaste in dispensers with pumps. A far cry from the typical toothpaste tube, pump dispenser toothpaste packaging offers a cleaner, no-squeeze solution to toothpaste dispensing. As they stand up on the bathroom counter, pump toothpaste tubes take up less space, are easy to store and create less mess. Their hard plastic exterior provides durable packaging for toothpaste that doesn’t get squashed, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidental spillages. Pumps also prevent product wastage, as they push every last bit of product out – making them cost-effective, too!

Variety of Caps

Typically toothpaste tubes come with screw-on caps, but today a range of caps and closures are used, including snap-on and flip-top caps. Snap-on and flip-top caps are great for ensuring product freshness, as the cap remains attached to the tube, making it simple to replace the cap once you’ve finished. Flip-top caps are also ideal for storage, as tubes can stand up right on the cap, saving space.  

Although toothpaste tubes require special equipment for sealing tube ends and correct finishing, the high temperatures used during tube production create almost completely germ free packaging – perfect for hygiene products like toothpaste.



One of the benefits of toothpaste tubes is their portability. As a daily hygiene item, we use toothpaste wherever we are. For weekends away or longer trips, being able to take toothpaste with you from home means less to buy when you get to your destination. Toothpaste packaging has evolved to provide travel-sized tubes that are perfect for your toiletries bag and have enough toothpaste in for numerous brushes, offering a practical solution for everyday use on the go.

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Picture Source: Envato Elements