Dropper bottles are found in almost every household. These bottles are usually small in size and have a dropper attached for dispensing liquid stored inside. A common product in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medicines, glass dropper bottles are usually dark in colour and small in size. Liquids dispensed through dropper bottles are intended for ‘drop by drop’ use and must be prevented from coming into contact with air or moisture.

With some unique features, dropper bottles have always enjoyed a firm place in the packaging industry with steady demand. Dropper bottles have several advantages, mainly due to the presence of dropper on the bottle. The bottles are hugely popular not just for their medicinal use, but for a number of other reasons, too.

Accurate Dispensing

There are often occasions that call for just a few drops of medicine, for example, and this can be difficult to achieve unless you have a dropper attached to a bottle. Dropper bottles dispense accurate or precise quantities of liquid. In fact, it’s because of this specific feature that they are so popular. Medicines dispensed in drops often require measured doses, and as dropper bottles cannot be poured, they ensure the correct amount is given so as not to have adverse effects on health.

Very Little or No Wastage

The ‘drop by drop’ feature of dropper bottles ensures that there is no or very little product wastage. You don’t have to worry about leaks, spillages or overpouring in the way you often do with other packaging. With complete control over dispensing, simply use as many drops as required in accurate doses. The ability to control amounts of liquid being transferred is just one of the reasons why dropper bottles are ideal for making beauty products, which require a specific quantity of essential oils.


Tight caps keep liquids protected and safe for use for long periods, preventing external air and moisture from entering the bottle. Several essential oils and medicines, including eye drops, can’t be exposed to the sun. For this reason, many glass dropper bottles are given a darker tinge to protect products inside and ensure they stay in perfect condition.

Dropper bottles are available in a range of small sizes to suit your needs. Lightweight and compact, their small size makes them easy to transport, even when travelling, and with very little effort needed to dispense a drop of liquid, dropper bottles are easy to use. Browse our range of dropper bottles on the All In Packaging web shop to find your next purchase.