PVC bottles are one of the most used packaging materials worldwide. But what is it that makes these bottles so popular?

Used predominantly to store products in the healthcare industry, PVC compounds are used in the making of these specialised bottles, which come in a range of shapes and sizes. PVC tubes and containers are equally popular. Today, these specialised bottles are dominating the industry and are widely used across the globe. As a result, PVC bottles are fast replacing glass bottles, which even as recently as a few years ago, were considered to be one of the best forms of packaging.

Here are some of the top features of PVC bottles, which explain their popularity – especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

Safe to Use

PVC bottles are safe to use. Before being used in the medical services, bottle components have to be clearly checked and understood from a toxicological view. Materials are thoroughly tested before being cleared for use. After thorough checking and adhering to strict safety standards, PVC bottles have been accepted as a safe material. These bottles are said to meet all safety standards, while ensuring optimal performance.

Chemical Stability

To be safely used in any industry, but particularly in the healthcare industry, the material that the bottles are made of should be stable. Stable materials mean that when storing liquids, PVC bottles shouldn’t undergo any significant changes in their properties and composition to ensure that they remain safe to use. If the material is unstable, it could allow its chemicals to pass through to the liquid.


PVC bottles are quite popular due to their transparency and simplicity. PVC is a transparent material, enabling users to easily monitor how much liquid is in a bottle. This is convenient and time saving when determining how much liquid is present and when bottles need to be refilled, and is particularly beneficial when accurate liquid measurement is essential.

Flexibility and Durability

The increasing use of the PVC bottle in the medical industry is perhaps due to the fact that it offers much needed flexibility for use in various applications, and can be used for much more than simply storing water. PVC bottles can be used as IV containers or for blood bags. As they are highly durable, do not break easily and are not affected by changing conditions or factors such as the weather, once you invest in PVC bottles, they last for a long time.

Convenient and Cost Effective

PVC bottles are convenient to use. They don’t require intricate cleaning and are also easy to maintain. Since PVC is lightweight, the bottles can be easily carried when you are travelling, making them a good choice for transporting. As they’re easy to maintain, PVC bottles can last for a long time and are fairly cheap to purchase, making them cost effective – one of the main reasons why these bottles are in such high demand.

A cost-effective, safe, flexible and lightweight packaging material, PVC bottles are a great choice for a variety of industries.