There are several kinds of packaging options that are widely used all over the world and tottles are one of the most popular. Tottle bottles have been around for awhile now and plastic tottles are frequently used in the cosmetic industry as and important part of the packaging. If you are a manufacturer and considering about using tottles for packaging you can easily find many options at our store.


Colors Galore


Tottles are available in different colors, which add to their convenience. Pick your tottle color depending on the purpose of use or the product which it’d package. This is a great to quickly and easily identify bottles. They are generally available in black, green, natural and white colors and are primarily used in packaging liquids or semi-liquid products.


The Best Solution to Package Fluids


Tottles are squeezable, which makes them extremely flexible and easy to use. This is one of the main reasons why they are primarily used in packaging creams and lotions. All you need to do is squeeze the body and you can have the product rapidly in your hands. The inner wall compartment is also flexible, which offers a smooth upside-down dispensing experience.


Minimizes Waste


When tottle bottles are used, waste is cut since you can use only as much of the product as you need. You just need to squeeze out the product from the tube and use it with no problems of excess fluid or cream oozing out. The entire process is neat and takes very little time.


Highly Portable


Tottles are available in different sizes from small to large and all of these are lightweight and portable. Carry them anywhere you like. If you wish to bring your makeup items, simply place the tottles in your purse and head out. It’s as simple as that. Being so lightweight, they will not cause you much trouble. This is just another of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of tottles.


Reliable Materials


Tottles are usually made from high-density polyethylene or HDPE, which is known for its immense resistance to harsh chemicals. This makes for a good packaging solution in differing products including creams, lotions and sunscreens. Its material also makes it suitable for storing beauty products made from delicate ingredients such as shower gels and liquid foundations. Products stay safe and in good condition when they are packaged in tottles.


One last reason to try Tottles for packaging is their multiple decorating options. You can decorate your Tottle in any way you like, which includes use of your favorite colors, hot stamping, coating and spraying. With plenty of decoration options available, your final product quickly becomes highly attractive. Give it a luxurious look with vivid styles and your customers will simply love it.