Packaging sets are the best way to purchase packaging that has all of the essential and correct parts. Our assortment of packaging sets available through All In Packaging span a wide range of products, but our newest set is the ideal choice for weekends away and business trips.

The Travel Set is a brand new approach to set packaging, offering a thorough packaging solution that doesn’t just include the standard bottle and closure, but contains all of the necessary packaging items for taking your favourite cosmetics with you when travelling.

What Comes in the Set?

Each set contains 3x100ml bottle, 2 jars and a cosmetic bag to store everything in. Making use of popular travel packaging items already on offer from All In Packaging, the new Travel Set combines top sellers for travel packaging items and makes them available for purchase in one handy set. The Travel Set differs from other sets on offer as not only is it comprised of bottles and jars with the correct closures, it also includes a cosmetic bag that secures everything, meaning you receive numerous sets within one.

Benefits to Purchasing a Set

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages to buying packaging in sets, with the main reason being that packaging sets save time. As sets are collected in advance, there’s no need, from the customer side, to spend time browsing the whole range as everything you need is in one place. You’ll spend less time searching for the correct closure for your bottle as you avoid the matching process, which has already been done for you.

Sets are also usually cheaper than purchasing each individual product separately, proving cost-effective in saving you money. The jars and bottles in the Travel Set are refillable, easy to clean and can be used time and time again, meaning you only have to purchase them once for multiple use. The Travel Set is a great option for frequent travel, and can even be simply used at home.

Packaging sets contain all of the parts necessary for functional packaging. The Travel Set includes a handy cosmetic bag for keeping everything together, as well as the bottles and jars to fit correctly when stored inside. The high quality Travel Set is a great purchase in advance of summer holidays, enabling you to store and take all your favourite products with you, in the same quantities, stored in one cosmetic bag.  As everything matches, the Travel Set is an attractive and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution.

The added benefit to the travel packaging set is its size. With a maximum capacity of 100ml for each bottle and jar, each item can go through airport security as they meet restrictions that prohibit liquids over 100ml. The perfect size for hand luggage, the Travel Set is a convenient way to store and transport your favourite cosmetics in smaller quantities: rather than packing the entire bottle, you can take the amount required instead. The benefit of transferring products to the smaller travel containers is that it reduces both the space needed in your luggage and the luggage weight – much more practical when travelling.

A convenient and cost-effective packaging solution, the Travel Set will offer an improved way to purchase and transport your cosmetic packaging for short trips. Along with our Travel Set, you can browse a range of high quality packaging sets from the All in Packaging web shop, where you’ll find sets for all your needs.