When it comes to choosing new products, often customers want to ‘try before they buy’. People don’t want to get stuck with a product they don’t want or like, and brands rely on customer satisfaction for continued success. This is where small sample containers, bottles and jars come in handy.

Testers and samples can be a great way to find out if you like a product before fully committing to buying it, but for brands and manufacturers, this means either selling customers a full sized product in the hope they don’t return it, or the more efficient solution of offering customers a free product sample in small sized bottles, containers or jars.

Ideal for promotional tools and testers, small bottles, containers and jars are a great way for brands to offer samples to anybody who wants to try out their products before committing to purchasing larger orders. You don’t need to provide huge amounts of a product in order for someone to effectively test it: just 5ml can be a significant and sufficient amount for somebody trying out a new product.

At All In Packaging, we pride ourselves on offering a large range of high quality small packaging materials that are suitable for testers and samples for promotional purposes. So how can providing samples in small containers, bottles and jars benefit your business?


The assortment of small containers, bottles and jars available from the All In Packaging webshop allow you to supply and and transport sample products to your clients safely, whilst still providing products that look professional. Plastic is commonly used for small sample containers, due to the fact that it’s a durable, long lasting and flexible material, as well as being safer and cheaper to transport. If your sample product arrives to customers in great condition, they’re more likely to make a purchase of the full product.

An advantage to using small sample containers, bottles and jars is that they allow the products stored inside to be visible. The material is typically transparent so customers can see what’s inside – which can be used to tempt an audience when using these containers for promotional purposes to provide testers in a store, for instance. Customers tend to lean towards visually appealing products, so clear, see-through packaging items can be a way to achieve this. They also allow customers to see when their sample is running low, so that they know when to order the full sized version.

Small containers, bottles and jars for samples also have multiple purposes, meaning they can be used again once they’ve fulfilled their intended use as sample containers. As they are small and lightweight, they are easy to travel with, and could be used to store cosmetics for a short weekend away. Some brands even use testers as their unique selling point, producing boxes full of different tester products, with samples of makeup being one example, for which small size containers are a must. Supplying samples of products can open the door to a variety of industries, markets and products.

Small containers, bottles and jars can be cost-effective, particularly when bought in bulk, which is ideal for offering testers to a large customer base. When purchasing directly from All In Packaging, the ordering process couldn’t be easier: simply choose your size, shape, colour and material. Take a look at the high quality range on our online web shop to see whether providing sample products in small containers, bottles and jars could be of benefit to your business.