Tube packaging is an integral and important packaging component since tubes of many different sizes are used in a wide number of industries. Tubes are commonly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where tooled to package a number of products. More, tube packaging is especially needed in containing some specific products. So, what makes tube packaging so popular?

There are a number of benefits of tube packaging, which has made it highly popular among users. We have listed a few highlights below.

Closure Options

Tubes are available with many different types of closure options, and many options are not available in any other packaging products. Closure options include plastic tops, screw on tops, cardboard caps and even plugs are commonly used. There are also designs that incorporate a second closure option, in case the primary closure is removed. Thus, tubes are highly popular in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

No Contamination

Tube packaging is suitable for all those products which need to remain safe. Tube packaging helps in preventing fast contamination, especially where jars are normally used. It is quite simple: when a jar of lotion or cream is opened, its content is continuously exposed to air. This means contamination or introduction of many airborne contaminants, which are risky for the skin. Tube packaging helps in preventing this, as its cap can be immediately replaced. It also does not have a wide opening and contamination scope is reduced as it is not much exposed to air. This is one of the primary reasons why tubes are popular in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Consumers have always enjoyed tubes ever since they have been introduced. Tubes are convenient to use and are said to be consumer-friendly. Now, we have tubes which can easily remain standing, offer easy storage and also keep products safe. Customers are always eager to purchase tube packaged products that definitely boosts sales.

Cost Effective

Tubes are a favorite among manufacturers, too, since they are cost effective. Today, the cosmetic industry is fast replacing bottles and jars with tubes due to affordability. Tubes are cost effective and not as expensive as bottles and jars and last longer while not fragile as glass.


Tubes are versatile and highly flexible. They are available in a large number of shapes and designs which makes them suitable for a number of uses. Tubes are found to be quite appealing and attractive for average customers. Customers can easily carry tubes in their bags when they are traveling. Disposal is easy and they do not need much care or maintenance, as in the case of glass packages.


Tube manufacturers have the intention of adding a lot of functionality to tubes and making them more useful. Their constant endeavor to make tubes more interesting and more useful helps in enhancing brand value. There are tubes with roller balls (for perfumes, gels), pumps, brushes and with several other innovative applications. There are also dip tube and airless styles. All tubes have different purposes and designed for specific applications.