Packaging containers are one of the most in demand products by manufacturers as well as in households, where they are used for a number of purposes. These packaging products serve many functions, beside their primary objective of storing products, especially in case of food items. Packaging containers are available in a large number of designs and shapes, depending on their purpose of use. The most common type of packaging containers are food boxes, food plastic bags, other packaging necessary for keeping food fresh and products like food storage buckets. Here are some facts about packaging containers and how they help us in our day to day activities.

Food Boxes And Their Utility

Food boxesare available in a large number of shapes, colors and sizes. Made from superior quality material, these boxes are made from food-grade material, which helps to keep food fresh and in good shape. Food boxes are always in demand by restaurants, food trucks and food joints where packaged food is delivered to customers. Made from strong food grade cardboard, food boxes are available in different shapes and sizes and many times with the organizational or shop logo. These food boxes work as an excellent promotional tool too in the long run with their recall value.


Food boxes are of many types and include bakery boxes ( cookies, pastries, cakes), Take out food boxes ( available with a cover) for carrying burgers, rolls, fries, sandwiches and similar foods, Macaroon boxes and also cup-cake boxes. Many of these boxes are see-through boxes which offer a small glimpse of the content inside and help to make the product look attractive. Customers get to see the food inside to get an idea before they buy the product.


Zip lock bags are another kind of packaging for food which are used to store food products and place them inside the refrigerator directly or into food boxes before transportation. Zip lock bags are recloseable bags which mean they can be closed to secure their freshness. As per need, these specially made packaging for food bags can be re-opened and food taken out or put in and closed again. These zip lock bags are just perfect for keeping chopped vegetables, carrying sandwiches, deli and sweets. These bags can be refrigerated too.

Bags on Rolls are another type of specialized packaging for food which are suitable for a number of food service applications. These bags can be placed into food containers also when traveling to ensure double protection for the products.  These bags on rolls need very little space and dispense quite easily.  Many sandwich bags are actually bags on rolls and are used mainly for their easy dispensing characteristics.


Food Storage Buckets For Space Saving

Food storage bucketsare another popular kind of packaging material which usually have a tapered design and help in saving space, while storing things separating.  You can use one or more of these buckets to store and carry things when moving – whether it is for your short trips or for a day outing. Having a large number of storage buckets helps to keep things separate and even transport them from one place to another. These buckets are made from special quality food grade material which meets UFC, NMFC and FDA requirements. Food storage buckets usually have a wire bail, which is quite sturdy with a strong plastic handgrip. These buckets are just perfect for storing food items, offer complete safety to the food store and keep them in good condition until they are used. These food storage buckets are available in a large number of sizes and are used as per requirements.

Common Food Plastic Bags

Food Plastic bags are perhaps the most common packaging solutions and most in demand. We bring home packaged food in these bags, available in a large number of shapes and designs, suitable for carrying food to places. Food plastic bags are used to carry fruits, vegetables, sweets, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and every food we can think about. Undoubtedly, these bags are made from excellent quality material which is safe for carrying food – whether hot or cold.

High density polyethylene is often used to make these food plastic bags which have specific characteristics which make them suitable for carrying food. These bags are temperature resistant and have vapor and water barrier capability. These bags are commonly used in restaurants and hotels to deliver food packages. Low density polyethylene is also used in food plastic bags or as utility bags. The chief feature of this bag is that these are breathable and are highly popular for their low melting point which makes them quite popular for being used in heat sealing.

There are many different kinds of packaging containers available today, but all may not be food grade. Whenever buying packing containers for food storage, it is vital to check if the materials used are approved by the concerned authorities as being safe.

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