Glass containers, glass bottles and glass trays – all of these look attractive, can be used for a number of purposes and are convenient to handle at the same time. Available in a large number of designs, shapes and styles, these containers have a wide range of uses, especially in case of food packaging, food storing and cosmetics packaging. However, one disadvantage of glass bottles and glass food container is that they break easily. If perfume bottles fall apart or any food container, it is not just messy but we lose some valuable product too which is many times quite costly.

This was one of the main reasons why many people avoided use of glass containers and glass bottles during travel, since it might not just break, it poses some risks too. It was the main reason for development of unbreakable glass, which is now highly popular across the globe, finding its immense use in a number of fields.

Unbreakable glass containers offer a splendid solution to several problems which was faced by people who had to use glass containers, glass bottles and glass trays for some reasons and were scared about breaking or cracking them. Unbreakable glass is now being used widely in packaging a wide number of products. Have you ever wondered how does this work? What happens that prevents the glass from breakage?

Let us first understand why glass breaks or what causes it to develop cracks. Micro cracks which is also known as Griffith’s micro cracks that is present on the surface of glass, causes it to break at the slightest impact or tension. It is extremely difficult to avoid these micro cracks since the surface of glass usually is tensed when it is cooling down from extreme high temperature to different shapes.

However there is a scope to increase this impact resistance with the use of many different methods. These techniques help in withstanding impact, even large impacts of a bullet. (This is how we get bullet proof vehicles.) The main idea behind such unbreakable glass trays or an unbreakable food container, is to get rid of micro cracks which are present on the surface with the help of chemical etching. Another process is by putting the surface of the glass under high compression through a process of chemical and physical toughening. It is also possible to laminate such transformed or rather toughened glass plates with a process of chemical toughening. The glass then becomes unbreakable. However, the truth is when the actual threshold value turns very high, this unbreakable glass can actually crack and then eventually break.

How Unbreakable Glass Was Created

With the making of unbreakable glass or glass which is said to be tougher than steel, it said that no longer will window panes be broken by balls. Unbreakable glass of the optimum quality is said to be tougher than steel. This kind of glass is now being used in making glass food containers, glass bottles and glass trays. This glass is popularly known as damage tolerant glass and is made up using 5 different elements which include a very rare element metal palladium.


Many different metals are combined to make unbreakable glass which is now finding enormous use in packaging industries especially in case of perfumes and cosmetics packaging. With the introduction of unbreakable bottles and unbreakable trays, the packaging industry has witnessed a huge change and for the better.  Palladium which constitutes an important part in making unbreakable helps in increasing strength of glass, increasing its endurance levels; it helps in increasing the plasticity of glass and also prevents the formation of cracks and also the spread of cracks. Dr Robert Ritchie who is from U.S. Department of Energy and a renowned material scientist says ‘The result is that glass undergoes extensive plasticity in response to stress, allowing it to bend rather than crack. The rare combination of toughness and strength, or damage tolerance, extends beyond the benchmark ranges established by the toughest and strongest materials known” This is the reason behind the toughness of this unbreakable glass and the main reason behind its strength and endurance levels.

This explains why unbreakable glass is now in much demand and increasingly being used in the packaging industry. However, due to this special characteristic of this glass, it is slightly expensive than other kinds of glass which is available. Customers will definitely not mind spending a bit more when they are aware about this feature.

These glass containers, glass trays and glass bottles made from this specialized glass look bright, are available in different shapes and are durable. These are attractive and are used for decorative purpose too. With the introduction of such sophisticated glass bottles, consumers have found it quite easy to use glass as a packaging material which was already highly popular.

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