The mass production and monotony of today’s production giants often seems to eclipse anyone with a notion to be better. Many fear poor designs and low quality materials will soon be their only options if they still want to make money.
Since 1947, Stull Technologies has specifically aimed to ease those concerns with a combination of expertise, innovation and a clear understanding of a customer’s limitations. The flexibility in their design and production processes for a wide variety of products ensure every buyer sees their needs achieved well beyond their expectations.
A Customer oriented approach
By prioritizing the development of a palpable partnership between customer and company, a true understanding of the needs of the client are quickly identified. The efficiency in which goals are thus generated directly translates to a better–and less costly–product.
The manufacture of products follows a simple four-step process, keeping the customer as an integral part of the progress all along the way.
The method begins with a substantial collaboration between Stull’s design team and the customer in a rigorous trouPhoto: stulltech.combleshooting process. By analyzing the issues and needs of the customer, plans are drawn up as essential proposals, which is executed through a series of hand drawings and notes.
Afterward, the paper-based notes are carefully recreated as digital 3D renderings using SolidWorks design software. This crucial stage before a small scale production is where the customer can finally see their idea in action, moving and displayed in various angles.
If the digital models are acceptable, the next step is to move to create a physical mockup, or prototype. At this point, the customer can actually hold their idea. If the product feels good and looks great in real life, it’s time to begin one last preliminary step before mass production.
Now the true product, essentially the item that consumers will someday meet, is created. It is an important occasion to check if the item will be appealing to consumers, examine technical details, and make any final adjustments before large scale production.
Intelligently Diversified Manufacturing
Few companies can match the level of customer focus like Stull, which naturally doesn’t stop at the design process. With an equal level of effort, a wide range of manufacturing services are offered, including: high precision injection molding, high speed assembly, in-mold-assembly, in-mold-closing, lining slitting and other proprietary secondary operations, and mold maintenance and repair.
This extensive portfolio of handling options enables a comprehensive service that is sure to accommodate any customer at any stage of development.
Yet, Stull isn’t only interested in making useful products, but also cares about the larger impact of their work. Typically manufacturing consumes a lot of resources and subsequently generates a great deal of waste. To combat this negative consequence, Stull makes every effort to work smarter in operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, and product design and engineering.
From reusing materials to developing better planning of shipments and improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, all areas of potential improvement are considered.
A excellent product is even better served in a well kept world.
How To Buy Stull Products
Although Stull’s products are widely available, for a truly superior shopping experience, you may want to try Nordtek’s All In Packaging service. Like Stull’s customer-centric approach, All In Packaging was developed especially from a customer perspective. The result is complete satisfaction.
Users can expect an exceptionally wide range of over 5000 items, including Stull, and helpful customer support in over ten languages via phone, email or live chat. Plus, All In Packaging boasts additional services like 360? Product Photos and a direct or partnered local presence in many countries worldwide.
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