Bottles, whether they are made of plastic or glass can be used in a number of ways; home designing can never be better without the use of bottles, such as spray bottles. Spray bottles are available in a large number of designs and sizes. What do you do with the bottles which are used and you no longer need them for spraying? Do you just throw them away – what about recycling them? It’s the age of recycling and has become a necessity too.
If spray bottles are used in home designing or home decoration, it’s a great way to recycle them and use them when they are no longer perfect for their actual use. No matter, what kind of bottle it is, or what its shape or size it, spray bottles make wonderful décor pieces. These need to be used with a little bit of imagination and you can have some of the great pieces of art.
Spray bottles can make some wonderful candle holders which can be artistically hung in your garden, yard or even kitchen. These bottles need to be painted with any color of your choice, sliced smartly to give it a good shape and candle placed inside the bottle. You can have plenty of these candle holders at home, use them in every room and terrace too to make some great lighting arrangement. These make wonderful gift options too.
Spray bottles are great for keeping your favorite plants and make wonderful options for growing kitchen plants or as decorative items. You can even place your favorite flowers in these bottles and hung them across in different places of your home. These are great tools for your vertical garden, which look really beautiful and can change the complete look of your home. All you need to do is cut the bottles into appropriate sizes and put some soil and grow your favorite plant in them. They can be easily hung anywhere, whether you choose to have them indoors or place them outdoors. Spray bottles look bright, cheerful and interesting. The best part is they are easy to clean and can be made at home in just a few steps. You can have as many of these bottles as you wish as these look good and will cost you nothing.
Spray bottles make cute little jewellery stands or storage options. These can be used as pen stands or flower vases too in your living space. You simply need to chop away their upper section or you just have to cut the spray bottles in a way to retrieve their bottom sections. These pen stands can be further decorated with art and craft décor items or simply as you wish, as much as you desire with your creativity. These bottom parts of the bottles can be all joined together to make interesting storage options. They can be placed on table-tops or used on your center pieces too. Additional décor ideas can be used to enhance the look of the stands or the storage containers. These make wonderful gift items too, which can be personalized as per needs.

Spray bottles make wonderful pieces of art when joined together. These can be joined together to form a curtain like structure and used to separate sections of your home. The bottom sections of the bottles can be used for the purpose and joined with the help of threads or strings and hung aesthetically. These look bright and refreshing when used as home décor. Additionally these can be made interesting to look at when these are made colorful with various colors. Use as many colors as you desire and give a bright and refreshing touch to your old spray bottles.
Spray bottles can be simply used as home décor items when they are just painted artistically and placed in different corners of your home. If you have white spray bottles or transparent ones, you can fill them with colored sand and use it as a decorative piece just anywhere you desire. Use your imagination and paint them as much as you can. These can be placed in your living room, in your bedroom and even in your terrace as a décor item. Alternatively, these can be wrapped with colorful paper and other decorative material and displayed at different places of your home. These are innovative, smart and unique. The best part is that you will never get bored of them since you will be creating them all by yourself.
Spray bottles can be used in a number of ways and for a number of purposes. All you need to do is use your imagination and a bit of creativity and you will have no dearth of ideas. So, if there are some extra used spray bottles at home, will you now wonder what to do with them?