Dispensing packages are an important part of packing products with plenty of benefits, not just for packaging suppliers but also for consumers, who use them.  Dispensers are widely used in a number of industries, which include Hotels, Spas, Gyms, Motels or anywhere, there is a need to secure products, especially in case of liquid amenities. Dispensers have always been a popular solution to reduce wastage, reduce costs and protect products.


Available in a large number of sizes, shapes, designs and styles, packaging dispensers are available in models, which are suitable for every situation and any kind of décor. Dispensing packaging, offers complete protection, at affordable costs. Here are some more benefits and uses of dispensers in packaging industry.


Packaging dispensers are popular as they reduce the need of individually packed products, which is expensive and occupy additional space. Additional or individual packaging mean, excess packing material and other resources involved. With use of dispensers, there is an elimination of wastage or use of additional packaging material. Research has revealed that Hotels, generally dispose more than 10 billion pieces of packing material each year, only from their shower amenities section. The sad part is that a large quantity of this is partially used, which cannot be offered to the guests again and has to be disposed of. With use of dispensers, this wastage is totally avoided.


Environmental factors also need consideration, when we talk of disposing away packaging material. If so much packaging is disposed every year, it is a huge environmental hazard. Just think about innumerable plastic bottles, boxes or other packing material which need to be disposed? Thus, environment conscious individuals and packaging industry is now laying stress on the importance of packing material for hotels and Motels. With a small step in the provision of guest amenities, the Hotel industry makes a giant leap towards safeguarding our environment and reducing environmental hazards.


From the consumer point of view too, dispensers are a way to save money. Today, consumers are aware, and do not like to spend on things which they will not use. Why would they pay for a product, which they are aware, they won’t be using in entirety or something which they might have to throw away, after sometime? Bottles which are three-quarters full, which are not used for sometime are rarely used or bars of soap which are used, maybe just once – why would consumers pay for the large pack, when they know, they won’t be using it later on? This is why, consumers ask for dispenser bottles and are ready to pay, only for what they will be using.


Changing to dispensers is a great way to immediately save on packaging material. Customers will save money, by not paying for expensive packing which is actually a waste. Dispensers also help in reducing housekeeping costs.  A lot of work is reduced with use of dispensers. There is no need to daily road cart, clean up the mess and reduce waste. Dispensers just need topping, which is also dependent on how much has been used. It is hassle-free, convenient and easy.