Spray painting has always been a popular method to apply varnishes and paints on surfaces. Today, with the improvement in science and technology, trigger sprayers are now being increasingly used by artists to paint surfaces and canvases which is otherwise not possible with hand brushes, or which involves a tedious process when hand brushes are used. Moreover, there are many advantages of using a trigger sprayer than conventional brushes.

Spray painted surfaces look smoother and are generally covered quite fast. The surfaces look smooth when painted using trigger spray mechanism. The best part is that huge surfaces can be easily painted with just the pressing of a nozzle. The entire process is neat, easy and quick. The best part is that the results are spectacular. This is one of the main reasons why spray painting with the help of good quality sprayers is now being used by graffiti artists to paint large surfaces. Today, many different varieties of trigger sprayers are available which are designed specially for Art and designing industries.

How Trigger Sprayers Gained Popularity

Sprayers produce the smoothest of coatings which is never possible with use of hand brushes. This is possible because any spray trigger makes use of compressed air or propellants which is even, smooth and neat. Earlier, there were other mechanisms used besides the hand brushes, but no method offers such smooth finish as a spray trigger does. This is one of the main reasons artists and craftsmen prefer to use these sprayers in their work.


Trigger sprayers are also popular due to their safety reasons. When using brushes, artists are often exposed to paints, resulting in health issues. Trigger sprayers usage mean, there is actually no physical contact with the paint.

Any good quality spray trigger is designed to make work easier for artists. They can undertake larger volumes of work since using sprays is quicker, while offering good results. Not much skill is needed in using these sprayers and can be learnt in a very short time. The results are spectacular and time consumed is less. This is one of the main reasons for such increase in popularity of such sprayers within a short time.

How Does A Trigger Spray Work

A trigger spray works on a very simple mechanism. The spray bottle head has just a few parts. There is a trigger lever which works to activate a tiny pump. This pump in turn is well attached to a tube, made of plastic. This tube is designed to draw paint or fluid from the place where it is stored. There is a strong pump which helps in forcing the liquid downwards through a narrow barrel. This is through a tiny hole which is present in the muzzle of the gun. The nozzle as well as the hole work together to allow the flow of the liquid in a concentrated stream. In such a case, it allows the flow of paint consistently.

Precautions While Using Trigger Sprayers

First and foremost when the paint has been filled, it is extremely important to check the cap and nozzle fitting to ensure there is no leakage and it fits well. If there is too much liquid filled in, it shall not spray properly. If there is too little liquid filled it won’t work well either. Before spraying on the actual surface which needs to be sprayed, it is important to try spraying on another surface just to see if everything is in good shape. This will ensure that the user gets an idea the kind of coating which will be seen once the job is done.


Using trigger sprayers for spray painting can be really hazardous if proper safety measures have not been adhered to. Paint which is filled in the bottle often contains toxic materials in the form of pigments, binders and other substances which are very finely atomized. When using trigger spray, there is a spray mist in the air which is easily inhaled and unfortunately absorbed very quickly in the body, if not taken care of time. This does not happen in other conventional methods of brush painting, even though in such works of art too, the artist is exposed to toxicity, but the intensity is much more when using trigger sprayers. Exposure to such kind of spray mist for a long time can be harmful for the body, giving rise to ailments and many difficult complications.

With the improvement in technology and keeping in mind the needs of artists, many different types of trigger sprayers are being introduced. Each such trigger spray uses the same kind of mechanism but nozzles tend to differ, depending on the type of purpose they will be used. You need to select your sprayer, keeping in mind its usage and main purpose. It is definitely going to make your life simpler.