A new year sees most people making plans and predictions for the months ahead as we attempt to set goals that will see us improve. The same rings true for the packaging industry: companies develop and follow new trends in an aim to enhance their appeal and success. As 2017 gets underway, we’re taking a look at the hottest packaging trends for 2017 that look set to dominate this year.


2017 brings innovation to the forefront of the packaging industry. In such a saturated market, brands need to distinguish themselves through evolving and adapting creatively by expanding their services and offers to meet growing customer demand for products that seem to be created exclusively for them. Guided by the latest consumer trends and insights, this year, trends such as personalisation, customisation and sustainable innovation are pinned to become key factors in the packaging industry.



Customisation is becoming central to successful packaging, and in 2017, brands should take steps to ensure that customised packaging is a feature that can always be expected. With custom design possibilities to produce packaging in specific amounts, sizes, shapes and colours, customisation is a trend that will dominate the shelves as brands strive to offer something unique to each customer.


Customised packaging can be a great way to reach out to a wider target market. Packaging should, whilst being innovative, expand to offer related products, such as moving from producing hard soaps to include liquid soaps in a brand’s product range. These effective adaptations can brands to both retain their usual client base and appeal to new customers.


At Nordtek, customisation is a trend we’ll be continuing in 2017: our customised packaging services mean we can design and produce custom made packaging according to a customer’s specific needs and requests.



Consumers increasingly prefer packaging that looks like it was made exclusively for them. But while customisation allows brands to produce packaging according to a customer’s needs and demands, personalised packaging takes things one step further. Personalised packaging enables brands to produce products that are individual to the customer, with more and more brands opting to make their product packaging more personal, with some even printing the name, and sometimes image, of their customers on product packaging.


For 2017, personalisation is one trend that stands out. From personalised packaging to a personalised delivery experience, retailers can stand out from their competition by getting to know their consumers, their preferred shopping experience and their packaging preferences.

Brands will get up close and personal. Brand loyalty? What’s that? Online shoppers will be increasingly compelled to compare prices and look for the item with the best delivery dates, lowest shipping cost, and the best discount codes. The winner may come down to which retailers know the consumer the best: their delivery preferences, their likelihood of return shipments, and what type of packaging can be recycled curb-side in their area and what cannot. Personalisation – both of the packaging itself and the entire at-home delivery experience – is the next frontier for retailers looking to stand out from their competitors.”- http://www.packagingnews.co.uk/


Sustainable Innovation

The environmentally conscious society we live in drives the growing trend for sustainable innovation in packaging. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact packaging materials can have on the environment, and as a result, consistently seek products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. This trend only looks set to grow in importance to consumers in 2017, and brands should reflect this in their packaging evolution.


Using more eco-friendly materials, as well as being beneficial to the environment, can appeal to a larger audience who seek sustainable packaging. The trend for sustainable innovation can already be seen in the development of edible food packaging such as the edible six-pack rings for beer packaging; an innovative concept that appeals to consumer desires for sustainable products, whilst making use of design advancements. Inspired and exciting trends such as this will have a big impact on the packaging industry in 2017, and is a trend we aim to continue. At All In Packaging, you can find packaging materials within our range that have no ecological footprint at all. Most of the plastic packaging products available are both reusable and recyclable.


The hottest packaging trends for 2017 will guide brands to produce products that are more personal, more customised and more eco-friendly, offering consumers unique, yet highly functional, packaging. Incorporate these trends into your products this year to make sure you stand out from the crowd.