Cardboard packaging is an important form of packaging, used for a number of purposes. Cardboard boxes are widely used as a packaging material due to their many advantages. With so many options, you first need to understand the different types of cardboard packaging boxes available, depending on what they will be used for and the products that need to be packaged.

Shelf Ready Boxes

Shelf ready boxes are one of the most common types of boxes we see, especially on retail shelves. These boxes exhibit plenty of products that are ready for sale. Shelf ready boxes are beneficial in many ways. They help in keeping your products safe, display all products attractively and assist in product branding. It’s also possible to style the boxes as per the product size and purpose of use.

Archive Boxes

Archive boxes are generally available in two pieces with a box and a lid, but are also available as a one piece. This type of box can be stored for prolonged periods of time. Predominately used for storing documents and for office use, these boxes offer safety and complete security for your products. Archive boxes are made with a single wall cardboard, making them really cost effective and budget friendly. Archive boxes are quite robust, durable and easy to use.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

A corrugated cardboard box is made from heavy-duty paper which includes corrugated fibreboard, paperboard and card stock. When we think about cardboard, we mainly think about corrugated boxes. So how is corrugated cardboard made? Corrugated cardboard is formed by gluing a sheet of paper to another wavy sheet of paper, giving corrugated cardboard boxes their famous wavy texture that is visible from all sides. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

There are, in addition to the above products, many popular kinds of cardboard boxes used by people for packaging products all over the world.

Single Face Board – This is one of the cheapest forms of cardboard boxes available. As one of the cheapest packaging materials, single face board offers a great packaging solution for products.

Single Wall Board – This is one of the most popular corrugated cardboard boxes available. It has an adequate surface that is easy to print on. The cardboard is strong enough to ensure it stays in perfect shape in every shipping situation. Available in different sizes and with varying thickness, single wall board is suitable for different types of use.

Rigid Cardboard Boxes – These are durable and tough boxes that do not fold or collapse. These boxes are perfect for packaging products that need to keep their shape and products that should not be tampered with, as well as heavy products and those that need additional support during transportation.

Folding Cartons – These are one of the most common boxes that you usually see in most stores. Folding cartons are easy to carry and are ideal for use in all situations.