Electronic packagingis considered to be an important discipline in electronic engineering which includes several technologies. This includes a number of enclosures and many protective features that are well built in the product. This type of packaging is applicable for both components and end products. Electronic packaging is quite important and offers complete protection from any kind of mechanical damage to products, protection from specific electrostatic discharge maintenance, cooling and also radio frequency noise emission.

Use of a Variety of Packaging Material

Specialized packing machines are used for protection of electronic devices during transit to ensure minimum damage during their transit Industrial equipment that are developed in very small quantities often use standardized enclosures which include prefabricated boxes and card cages for their protection. There are several consumer devices which use specialized packaging which helps in increasing their customer appeal. This is often achieved with help of plastic printing and private label manufacturers preparing labels for the products for offering information to the consumers. It needs to be noted that wholesale packaging for marine, aerospace and military systems uses a completely different type of designing criteria. In case of electronic packaging many different materials are used by packaging companies – some of which are mentioned below.

Printed Circuit Assemblies– These are mainly used in packaging industry to connect a number of components together.
These assemblies also offer a great mechanical structure. These are used in plastic printing industry, in computer accessory boards and in similar industry. This is why these are considered to a part of electronic packaging industry.

Machined Metal– Electronic packages or packaging material are made using solid metallic blocks and in complex shapes, mainly using aluminum. This is quite commonly used in microwave assembles for various kinds of aerospace use where these are commonly used in transmission lines that need a complex combination of sealed housing and need complex metal shapes. Machined metal is usually used in small quantities and many times for just a single unit of design. However, per piece cost of this kind of packaging material is very high. Moreover, there is quite less scope for custom tooling.

Molded Plastic– Cases are made using molded plastic which are often used in wholesale packaging and also by private label manufacturers. Many structural parts can be made with the help of packing machines using molded plastic. Some common examples using molded plastic are transfer molding, die cutting, injection molding and vacuum forming which are all used in wholesale packaging of electronic products.

Sheet Metal– An important part of wholesale packaging material, sheet metal is considered to be the oldest electronic packaging material. There are many reasons for the popularity of sheet metal in electronic packaging; prime reason being its strength and electromagnetic shielding feature which made these a commonly chosen material for packing machines.

Cast Metal– Electronic equipment are packaged using gasket metal castings which are suitable for difficult and severe environments which include for packaging in ships, under deep sea and heavy engineering industry. It is important to take care of the quality of material since these are expensive and cannot be replaced in a short time. Aluminum die castings are also commonly used in wholesale packaging due to their strength and great durability.

Metallic Glass Cases– Hermetic metallic packaging grew popular in vacuum tube industry where there was a need felt for complete leak-proof housing which was considered to be ital for operation. This particular industry soon developed glass seal electrical feedthrough which made use of alloys like Kovar. This was used to match expansion of sealing glass with the main purpose of minimizing any kind of mechanical stress on metal glass bond, as this tube started to warm up. This was quite effective in reducing mechanical stress in electronic wholesale packaging. Now, glass sealed packages are being increasingly used with help of packing machines and used in critical components as well as in assemblies specially for aerospace use, where it is crucial to prevent any kind of leakage which can occur due to extreme changes in temperature, in levels of humidity and pressure.

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