Having well understood the importance and need for packaging, Companies are often puzzled when selecting a packaging company. It is more so in case of small size or medium size companies who have limited budget. How does one start when looking for a packaging company? What are the things which need to be looked for? If you have some of these things in mind, here are some easy tips which will help you in selecting your packaging company.
Locations of All in PackagingDiverse Client Base
One of the main factors which need to be considered when selecting a packaging company is how diverse their client base is! You should opt for a company which has created packaging for companies related to your industry. If you are entering a new business to business relationship you need to ensure there is great dependability. You have to be sure that your provider meets all your packaging expectations, especially when it concerns your company.
Additional Services Offered
Find out what additional packaging needs the company offers? Companies like Allinpackaging which offers some of the best solutions under one roof will always be a good choice as you don’t have to search for other services somewhere else. A one-stop shop is always recommended and is a good reflection of the company knowledge base and expertise.  Suppose the company specializes in packaging corrugated sheets or in cosmetic containers, you can always check if they have the ability to offer foam fabrication or custom structure fabrication or even custom graphic design. You might even get some discount for ordering in bunches.
Understand Their Capability
You need to check if the company is flexible! How many packaging runs (batches of small food jars) will they be able to do? There are several small companies which have just begun, often take orders and then fluctuate in their order fulfillment. This might be a disappointment for you. It is good to work with a company which will let you order smaller runs. This will also help to keep your overhead costs low. Also, when you are working with a company which has agreed to do smaller runs you are assured that you do not have to worry about extra storage space for your packaging. This is an added benefit.

Before you hire any packaging company, check out their online website. Look for client reviews and testimonials which will give you an idea about their credibility, services and even prices. You can also get in touch with their sales representatives for details about their past and existing clients. If all is fine with the company, they will happy share testimonials. Always select a company which has the most positive reviews, very less cases of customer complaints and has an overall positive background and feedback.
Check Costs
Cost comparison is of utmost important. Research well and understand what similar packaging companies are offering in the area. If there is any cost difference, why is it so? If you are in touch with the leading packaging company, you are assured of good quality but this does not mean you will have to pay a lot. You can always have the best designers and printers for your packaging. Remember you need to check for material costs and tooling costs. Choose a company which offers affordable rates and rates which justify their good services.
You should always prefer a company which has the capacity to develop your brand image. Recent studies have revealed that a very strong corporate brand helps in boosting stock value as much as 7%. This is true for companies which are just starting also. If you are a reputed brand already, your packaging company should be one, which will help to keep your branding consistent as it helps in making each product unique and stand out. Quality packaging helps in selecting a product from a bunch of products.