Good food packaging is crucial for food safety and the protection of food during its shelf life and prior to consumption. Food packaging is said to be one of the most reliable methods of food containment. It ensures complete protection of food against environmental factors and chemical, biological and physical changes.

Today, manufacturers and restaurants use automatic packaging machines for packaging and sealing packaged food. Consumers should always check that food items, when purchased, are well packaged and sealed, to ensure that the health and safety of the product has not been compromised.

Packaging materials and designs for food items are regularly evolving to meet the growing demands of customers. Packaging trends keep changing, with custom food packaging taking a prime place in the relevant industry. Food packaging helps manufacturers to improve the quality of food, to increase sales and also helps to reduce both waste and costs.

As its main role is to keep food products in top condition and completely safe for consumption, food packaging is vital. It also plays a part in maintaining the flavour, shape and texture of food. Innovative food packaging is now a trend, which is beneficial for designing packages that aim to retain food freshness and prevent contamination, therefore maintaining the quality of food. The resealable zip-up bag design, made from plastic, helps to preserve the taste and flavour of food even when partly used.

If food packaging is done professionally and done well, customers will be eager to buy the product as they are convinced that the food packaged inside is in perfect condition. Research has revealed that custom food packaging design helps in enhancing the shelf life of products and has a great impact on product sales. Consumer buying decisions are largely affected by the package design colour, the message conveyed and the information on the label. It’s important to remember that convenience also plays a major role in increasing product sales. Packaged food is popular as it’s easy to open, close and reuse. The best part is that packaged food is easy to carry, which helps in increasing sales and demand.

Good food packaging works towards reducing waste and costs. A small design alteration, such as slimming down the neck of a salad dressing bottle or a sauce bottle can help in reducing the packaging material produced. Lightweight packages can also help to reduce fuel costs.

If food is not packaged correctly, a product can be completely ruined, which could potentially affect customer confidence in the brand and therefore product sales. The importance of food packaging for customers, as well as manufacturers, is something that can’t be denied.