Why Is Plastic Good For Packaging?

Plastic packaging is available in different forms, depending on the purpose of use and type of product. Plastic bottles, plastic containers and plastic jars are some of the most popular forms of plastic packaging available and used by people all over the world. Plastic packaging is used in all industries – from the food industry to the cosmetics industry. Just look around your home and you’ll find several plastic jars, containers and boxes being used to package a variety of products. Plastic packages also have great reusable value as they are long lasting and can be used for several purposes with ease. Plastic is one of the most popular forms of packaging for a number of reasons.

What makes plastic such a popular packaging material?


As a packaging material, plastic is lightweight and easy to carry, adding to its immense popularity. Plastic containers and bottles are widely used to carry water and food due to their great portability and convenience. If you package your goods in plastic, you add very little weight to the package as a whole as plastic itself weighs next to nothing.

Flexible designs

One of the greatest advantages of plastic is that it’s an extremely flexible packaging material. More flexible than glass, its flexibility helps in moulding it into different shapes, including trays, canisters and also containers. Plastic bottles, jars and containers can also be moulded into a variety of sizes. You can buy small to large plastic bottles depending on the purpose of use.


Plastic packaging takes up very little storage space. Being lightweight and portable, plastic boxes, trays and containers can be stored practically anywhere, and as plastic is lighter than glass and highly durable, there’s no hassle in storage. Since there’s no fear of plastic developing cracks or getting damaged, plastic packaging material can be easily stacked on top of each other. For those who don’t have much space at home, plastic is the ideal packaging material.

Food Packaging

In food packaging, plastic packaging plays an important role, being used in the food industry in a variety of ways. It’s used as airtight wraps; in shelf stable containers; in take-away containers and much more. Modified atmosphere technology is used in plastic packaging, which helps in the preservation of food and in maintaining freshness. Plastic is moulded in such a way that assists in capturing reduced oxygen air mixture. This special technique helps to extend the shelf life of the content of packages by slowing down bacteria growth, meaning products last longer.


One of the primary benefits of plastic is its high durability and ability to withstand temperature changes and damage caused during transportation. Plastic stays in great condition for a long time and needs very little maintenance. Unlike glass packaging, which needs to be handled with care, plastic does not break, tear or get damaged as easily, making it easy to use at all times, and removing the fear of leakage or damage during transportation. These qualities mean that goods packaged in plastic require less amounts of additional protective packaging during transportation. Using plastic therefore offers a reduction in the total cost of packaging.

If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you of the popularity of plastic for packaging, the final advantage is that the cost of plastic packaging is cheaper than all other forms of packaging, without compromising on the safety of the products packaged. This alone is one of the main reasons why plastic is said to be a good packaging material, and you can find plastic packaging of all varieties at All In Packaging.