As the packaging industry notices a shift towards smaller sized packaging, small packaging is often said to be more practical than its larger counterpart. In a world where people constantly seek the most convenient and cost-effective products, smaller size packaging can meet and keep up with consumer needs.

As demand for products such as cosmetics, food and beverages in small packaging grows, what is it about small packaging that makes it a more practical packaging choice?



Trends in the cosmetic industry generally call for small products that fit comfortably in makeup bags, handbags and purses. Packaging reflects the desire for small sizes, with products such as lipstick, mascara and foundation being packaged and sold in a variety of glass and plastic tubes, bottles and jars in small sizes. Trends for smaller cosmetic packaging enable products to be a more financially practical option for both brands and customers; smaller packaging can often be more cost-effective for brands as they are able to sell smaller quantities of product to customers at profitable rates that are still affordable for the consumer. A win-win.


Easier to Transport

Smaller packaging makes products easier to transport due to their reduced size and weight. Consumer desires for portability have fuelled the creation of products that can placed in a bag and carried without weighing the bag down. For heavier packaging such as glass, smaller packaging options means the difference between a product being an inconvenience and a product being transportable. Drinks and packed lunches can be carried around all day with ease. Smaller packaging is also more straightforward to ship and transport for manufacturers, as more products can be transported in one go than is possible with larger packaging.


Travel Friendly

When flying, airline travel regulations prohibit carrying liquids on-board that are over 100ml in size. Small, travel-sized packaging, however, allows liquids to be carried onto a flight in hand luggage. The need for checked baggage is removed, as products in travel-sized packaging are the correct size to take onboard, making small packaging a handy and practical choice for weekends away and short business trips. Smaller packaging is great for longer trips too, allowing items such as shampoo and face cream to be transferred from their original, large packaging in the amount requires, so new products don’t have to be purchased unnecessarily.


No Leaks

Small packaging is often a safer option than larger packaging when it comes to storing liquids. As small packaging holds smaller amounts, the risk of major spillages is lower as there is less product to leak, providing a bit more peace of mind when transporting liquids. Investing in high quality, leakproof small bottles and containers will help avoid leaking, preventing inconveniences when out and about and carrying liquids in a bag.

Small packaging, with the wide variety of packaging available, is a practical and convenient choice for many items, but particularly liquid products. As small packaging grows in demand, see how small packaging could benefit you: browse our huge range of small packaging options on the All In Packaging web shop.