When travelling, being able to transport your regular medicine is essential. Pills must be transported carefully, so as to ensure they remain safe for consumption. Exposure to too much heat or moisture, for instance, can spoil pills. They also need to be stored in an organised manner to enable you to find them as soon as you need them and with ease.

To prevent you from having to search for your medicine, and to ensure the safe storage and transportation of pills when travelling, specially designed pill containers are readily available.

What are pill containers?

Pill containers – or pill organisers as they are known in many places – are a pill box, or a specially made storage container, where you can safely store all of your scheduled doses of medication. Ideal especially for travelling, medicine can be organised into pill containers, helping you to never miss a dose and preventing a delay in finding your pills when you most need them.

What do pill containers look like?

Pill containers are available in a number of shapes and designs depending on the number of pills that can be stored. With usually square shaped compartments that denote a day of the week, there are several different designs and varieties available, including cylindrically shaped pill containers and pen shaped cases. For people taking more than one pill a day, or medication at multiple intervals in a 24-hour period, there are many pill containers that have multiple sections corresponding to different times in one day.

Benefits of pill containers

As a device, pill containers are extremely useful and highly functional. There are a number of benefits to using these containers, especially when travelling:

  • These containers help in preventing medication errors since they are so well organised. With different compartments for each day, you won’t miss a dose, take too many doses or lose your medicines, as they will be well arranged in the pill container, and quickly visible.

  • Pill containers are portable and can be easily carried when travelling. They do not take up a lot of space, and can be carried in your hand luggage for use as and when needed.

  • Pill containers are made from safe, quality material. They keep the medicine completely protected from external factors, and there is no fear about medicines leaking or moisture coming into contact with the pills, as the containers are airtight.

Easy to use and easy to carry, pill containers are suitable for all. They are particularly useful to the elderly, who can often have memory deficiency and need to take several medicines a day. Pill containers are helpful in remembering the correct dosage to take, and also enable you to see if you have missed a dose.

Available in different sizes and designs, the popular ‘pop-out’ design is one to love. This design allows you to organise your medicine for the week, and you can then simply pop out the pills needed for just one day to carry with you. Lids vary per design. In some containers, lids open separately to prevent spills.  Whatever your need for a pill container, you’ll find a wide range on offer on the All In Packaging web shop, so there’s bound to be one to suit your needs.