With the end of 2016 in sight, companies look to plan the upcoming seasons and trends for 2017. To ensure they are fully prepared, most companies will recalculate their inventories before the new year, to take stock of the products they have left and confirm products sold throughout the year. Not only does this get stock organised for the start of the new year, it also helps companies assess their success and informs their year-end financial statements.

Managing Excess Packaging

Stocktakes usually reveal leftover packaging, but few companies want to store excess or unwanted packaging. Although surplus packaging is usually of high quality, excess packaging material takes up vital storage space and, for many companies, is a waste of inventory investment. Thankfully, there are ways to combat the problem of leftover packaging, with surplus packaging often being sold for cheaper prices at the end of the year, in so-called ‘stocktake sales’.

Stocktake Sell-off

Intended to sell off stock from previous seasons so that new stock can come into storage for the start of the new year, many packaging suppliers will reduce their prices towards the end of the year in order to increase sales and get rid of excess packaging. Similar to the Boxing Day sales in the UK that many retailers partake in, end of year packaging sales are introduced for the same reason of getting rid of stock at reduced prices before the year-end.

Reduced Prices All Year

However, thanks to Quality Discount Packaging (QDP), reduced prices don’t have to be limited to once a year: you can buy discounted packaging directly from us all year round. QDP allows you to buy excess quality packaging from us at discounted prices, or if you have surplus, we can find you a buyer. For sellers it means recapturing inventory costs on unneeded packaging, and for buyers, it enables the purchase of high quality products at lower prices than normal.

During the end of year period, it’s worth taking a look at the webpages and newsletters of packaging suppliers, because you have the chance to buy packaging at – in some cases – more than half the original price. These year-end ‘blowouts’ are a great way to purchase high quality packaging at discounted prices that would otherwise go to waste. Keep your eye out for upcoming sales.