In terms of cosmetics, it’s hard to find one more popular than lipstick. It is a classic beauty product that is somehow always being reinvented. Because lipstick color and design trends are constantly changing, packaging for lipstick also has to evolve and diversify. In the realm of lipstick case packaging, there is so much to consider.


When looking for containers and cases for lipstick, you will find no shortage of options. From transparent packaging that shows off the cosmetics’ natural colour, to the ever classic black case, to colourful egg-shaped lipstick jars, the options seem as limitless as colours under the sun. Because of this, we always have a full assortment of lipstick cases and containers in our portfolio at All in Packaging.


Feedback has shown that end users prefer portable containers that also enable the product’s ease of use. This makes sense, as lip-care products – including lip balm, and lip gloss – typically need to be reapplied on the go, and the products themselves are often petroleum based, and therefore greasy or oily to the touch. When it comes to lip gloss, packaging options often include an applicator, which is ideal for the product’s convenient use.


A further advancement in lip-care packaging design has seen the use of shrink wrap foils. This is because lipsticks are imminently sampleable. Consumers may want to see what the lipstick shade looks like before they buy it. The shrink wrap ensures that the product has never been used.


It is worth noting that the world of lip care and beauty products extends beyond the women’s market. Lip products for men is a fast growing market. Items like lip balms see increased sales during the winter months as men look for solutions to dry, chapped lips, and some cosmetics companies have even introduced lipsticks for men. Like we said, there is no lack of variety when it comes to types of lipstick.


Because the variety of lip care and lip beauty products is so wide, solutions to their packaging need to be wide as well. If you browse the assortment of packaging solutions for lip products on our site, and don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to ask.