With so many products to choose from, producers and manufacturers need to stand out with effective packaging concepts. Companies with strong brands are investing in unique and high design packaging in order to continue to satisfy the expectations of their fanbase while also attracting new customers. Below we’ve put together a list of companies that have proven packaging concepts, and discuss a bit of what is involved in their choices.


Starbucks is one of the most forward-thinking companies around, and their innovative packaging choices reflect that. Their packaging is frequently minimal, worldly, and elegant, and always adorned with their highly distinctive and recognizable logo. Starbucks is a brand with a very loyal following, so they are a case of letting the product speak for itself. In their packaging choices, less is more.


Coca Cola has the most recognizable logo on the planet. More people know Coke than any other brand, and because of this they have to be careful to reinvent their packaging and design while also maintaining their brand recognition. Coke manages this by keeping their branding consistent across their product line, while modifying elements of the design or container. For example, the Coke bottle has seem many permutations over the years, but will never be mistaken for anything but Coke.


Cadbury is an example of more creative, colorful packaging. The distinctive Cadbury royal purple, which is complimented by other color schemes and design details depending on the product, makes their chocolate immediately identifiable on store shelves. The logo text, and the illustration of two jugs pouring snow-white milk contribute to the impression their candies are wholesome.


Absolut Vodka is a triumph of packaging and branding. The simple but elegant design of the bottle, coupled with the 1980s rollout of their iconic print ad campaign, helped the brand go from being unknown to one of the most recognisable spirits in the world. The transparent bottle with the clean font of the product name printed directly on the glass contributes to the brand’s feeling of purity and sophistication.


These are but a few of the great, classic brands whose identities are closely tied to their packaging and design. Have a look at the All In Packaging site to see which container, be it classic or innovative, is right for you.

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