Just what happens from the time you click the Order button on our All In Packaging site until the time you receive your packaging or containers from the delivery service? We are here to answer that question for curious minds from all over. Let’s take a peek at what happens in getting our high quality product to you, whether you are a large manufacturer or an individual user.


It all begins and ends with you, the customer and your needs. But even though the process is streamlined and as efficient as possible, there are still many steps involved in getting your packaging out. Of course, first, you must place an order to initiate the process. If your desired product is in stock, or if it is only available wholesale, you may be able to order a certain minimum quantity or add it to an inquiry list. Once we have viewed your order, we upload it to our CRM (Customer Relation Management) software, which stores all customer delivery information. Then the order is forwarded to the corresponding sales representative, who will make sure that all the order’s details are attended to (for example, if the caps are for a different type of bottle than ordered, the sales rep will contact the customer to double-check the information).


Once the order is verified, the sales rep forwards it to the local warehouse. After payment has gone through, the warehouse will work to complete the order as quickly as possible, meaning they will have it to the delivery company within a day. It does happen that there are technical failures or other hiccups along the way. We do our best to make those problems our problems, and strive to solve them as quickly as possible. Any technical difficulty is our problem, and not passed on to the customer.


We only work with trusted delivery companies, but are aware that delays on their part may happen, for which we can only apologize, as the packaging is literally out of our hands at that point.


We hope you have enjoyed this little peek behind the curtain of what happens when you make that decision to click the Order button to acquire the best packaging around. Stop by our All In Packaging site, click around, and order something today.

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