While it is well known that we are specialists in providing packaging solutions for almost any packaging need, readers may be surprised to learn that at All In Packaging we also sell various raw materials in bulk for products like fragrances, cosmetics, and detergents. Below we’ll have a look at some of these materials, and give a few details about their care.


While we usually associate the word ‘fragrance’ with perfume and cologne, it is also true that many other consumer products use fragrances, things like shampoos, soaps, lotions, shower gels, and cleaning products. With that in mind, we have an assortment of fragrance available that can be blended to create the right aroma for your product. If you explore our fragrances page on the All In Packaging site, we are sure you’ll find the appropriate fragrance for whatever product you are specializing in.


But when it comes to raw materials, we have more than just fragrances. We also sell compounds that are commonly used in consumer products. For instance, you can find Zinc acetate anhydrous available. This is actually a type of salt. One of its more common uses is as an ingredient in throat lozenges. Moreover, zinc deficiencies can be treated with such a salt. It has been known to be used in ointments and topical lotions that we see in the cosmetics industry. Available in large quantities, if you are in the market for this substance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If Resin, HDPE, is what you are looking for, we can help here as well. This is a synthetic substance that is commonly found in products made of plastic. You see its use in piping, snow boards, and in 3-D printing. Milk jugs and other containers that are made hollow through blow molding also utilize this durable material. Keep in mind that we sell it in wholesale quantities and may have a minimum order quantity.


Materials like those mentioned above need careful storage. They benefit from airtight containers, being kept out of direct sunlight and at a consistent temperature to avoid damage. When it comes to certain useful raw materials and the containers that are right for their storage, we’ve got you covered!

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