With so many producers, manufacturers, and packagers doing business, there is bound to be surplus product when it comes to packaging and containers. But surplus needn’t mean waste. With that in mind, we at All In Packaging are dedicated to crafting solutions for surplus products that will benefit everybody, including the environment.


Excess product should be viewed as an opportunity. In fact, there are entire businesses built around buying and selling surplus products, and the packaging industry is no different. The advantages to selling surplus are many. For instance, surplus can be sold at a discount, which benefits the consumer, while at the same time selling off surplus containers frees up warehouse and storage space, which is good for producers. That the products aren’t sent to a landfill benefits the planet.


At All In Packaging, we also actively buy and resell surplus product through our QDP, or Quality Discount Packaging program. This means that if we feel we are the best advocate for your surplus, we will work with you to sell it or connect you with the right buyer. We work with manufacturers large and small to either out-right buy surplus, or match buyers and sellers via our extensive network of partners. You can find more information on the program on our site.


It is important to remember that surplus isn’t about reselling used goods. The surplus goods we buy and sell are all new, unused products. Surplus usually comes from what goes unneeded from a large order of a buyer who bought in bulk. There is little to differentiate the surplus product from one bought new.


Conveniently, we are currently having a huge sale on surplus packaging here at All In Packaging. Take advantage of our overload and walk away with deeply discounted products that might as well be new.


Buying and selling surplus is all about utilizing product that would otherwise go to waste. Everybody benefits, from buyers to sellers, to the environment. This is why we, through our QDP program, enthusiastically participate in and promote this sensible activity.