Sometimes products need packaging solutions that call for something more durable than plastic can offer. When we are talking about skin creams and ointments, arts-and-crafts supplies like paint and glue, and various food items, producers and manufacturers look to aluminum tubes for all the benefits they offer.


One of the primary users of aluminum tubes is the pharmaceutical industry. They prefer this kind of packaging for products like medicinal ointments and creams for a variety of reasons, but foremost because they are known to be safe. With aluminum tubes, there is less corrosion of the product, which is so important when that product needs to be used safely. Moreover, aluminum protects the product against invasive microbes, and ensures that unwanted moisture will not harm the product.


You will also find that many paints and other arts-and-crafts products like glue are sold in aluminum tubes. One of the main reasons for this is that the aluminum protects substances like paint from the harmful effects of UV rays, which can damage the paints’ coloration. And, of course, with something like paint, the colour has to be exact. Glues come in aluminum tubing because the material protects the product from oxygen, which causes glue to harden upon contact.


Aluminum as a packaging material is highly safe and resilient. Typically the tubes are manufactured with aluminum of 99.7 percent purity, making them ideal for the storage of food and pharmaceutical goods. Because it is a type of metal, the tubes are highly recyclable, and thus more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. Moreover, aluminum is prized as a packaging material for its durability. In industries where breakage and corrosion are significant problems, with aluminum tubes you can have confidence that the products can be transported safely and stored for long periods of time.


The bottom line is that aluminum tubes can be used for a variety of products where issues of corrosion, safety, and hygiene are of paramount importance. Stop by the All in Packaging site and discover which aluminum tube solution is right for you.