When it comes to the packaging used for over-the-counter pharmaceutical goods, there is a lot to consider. For instance, it is not accidental that so many liquids like cough syrups and cold medicines come in similar looking packaging. That said, each product has its own particular needs for easy use and storage, so when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, the devil is in the details.


Experience tells us that most liquid pharmaceutical products come in glass jars. Glass is a safe material that also conveys a feeling of importance with its heft, which is appropriate for health-related products. By far, the most popular color we find in glass bottles is brown, because the darker color keeps sunlight from damaging the liquid within.


But even in the realm of glass bottles we find a lot of variation. For instance, some bottles come with eyedropper applicators, which are used for accurate dosage. For convenience sake, you can also find twist-off caps that double as measuring cups. In terms of caps for pharmaceutical packaging, childproof caps are also popular, as safety is paramount when it comes to certain cough syrups and medicines.


When we look beyond glass bottles, we also find that plastic bottles are increasingly popular for their durability and weight advantages. Plastics are also ideal for vials and bottles for pills. Painkillers and vitamins bought in bulk can typically be found in lightweight plastic bottles.


Most pharmaceutical products come with printed labels, rather than having the design and information printed directly on the container. This is because regulations for many pharmaceutical products vary across borders, so every market’s guidelines will have to be attended to in the product description and instructions. Though special care must be taken when dealing with chemicals and other products people ingest, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical realm, you can rest assured that the packaging you procure online is perfectly safe.


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