Everybody has heard of spring cleaning, when you emerge from your winter hibernation to prepare and freshen your home for summer. But how about its less talked about relative: fall cleaning. Undertaking a thorough autumn cleaning is just as important a ritual, which is why we are here to present some tips and ideas to make your fall cleaning run smoothly and efficiently.


Because winter is filled with some of our most important holidays from around the world, like Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and Day, being prepared with a clean and organized home for receiving friends and family for parties and celebrations will make the entire season less stressful and easier to manage. If you do the work of deep cleaning and organization in advance, it will leave more time to catch up and enjoy one another’s company. The last thing anybody wants around the holidays is more stress, and being prepared will go a long way in relieving that.

Making a checklist of tasks to accomplish will make the undertaking of a big cleaning job easier. Any thorough fall cleaning will include the washing of linens, curtains, and surfaces. But for sure you also want to store summer items that won’t be needed for some time like summer clothing, barbecue equipment, and summer sporting gear. All this will make room for cozy winter sweaters, winter jackets, and winter sporting equipment, not to mention a few heavy blankets to sleep under on freezing winter nights.


DIY enthusiasts have taken the lead in innovation when it comes to cleaning and washing up products. Using easy to make homemade recipes, hobbyists are concocting products for home use that have fewer chemicals than store-bought ones, and because they often make their batches in bulk, can save money by doing so.

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