With the holiday season fast approaching, stores are adorning their windows with Christmas decorations to entice shoppers inside in hopes of attracting their business. But what so many people are discovering is that handmade, DIY gifts are often better than store-bought ones, because they are more personal and are also fun to make. This year, what about giving a DIY candle that also does double duty as massage oil? This economical and practical gift will surprise and thrill even the most hard to please friend or family member. Read on to discover why.IMG_9843[1] 

Candles made from all natural ingredients were one of the original products DIY enthusiasts began crafting. This is because candles are relatively easy to make, and are a product that everybody loves to receive. Candles give off warmth, and feel personal; even more so if they are handmade. Moreover, they can be made in batches, making them an ideal gift  if you have lots of people on your list.

And just when you thought the candle couldn’t be improved upon, DIY manufacturers have discovered that the right kind of melted wax can also double as massage oil. What better and more personal gift could there be than an aromatic candle that burns down into relaxing massage oil. The melting point of the fragrant wax, which sometimes contains ingredients like jojoba and other essential oils, is so low that it can be poured directly onto the body for a sensual massage. It will be a gift that speaks a lot to your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Here at All In Packaging we are equipped to support you in your gift-making ideas. When it comes to aromatic DIY candles that double as massage oil, we have on offer glass jars that come with candle wicks, to make the production of your candles that much easier. Moreover, we have recently begun to offer ingredients for homemade cosmetics. Things like jojoba oil, beeswax, Shea butter, and cocoa butter. Also, for the enticing scents of your candles, we offer essential oils. If you are feeling creative this holiday season and want to make your friends and family some DIY candles that can also be used as massage oil, stop by our webshop and see all the great products we have on offer. We’ve been burning the midnight oil to make it easy for you.