Castor oil is one of civilized man’s first natural remedies. Its use for its healing properties goes as far back as ancient Egypt, when it was prized to treat eye irritations. Castor oil is still used today, and is a main component in many cosmetics. This is because modern man (and woman) also realize how effective castor oil is, though now it is mainly used in skin care products, because it has been found effective in accelerating the healing of damaged skin.  Moreover, it is renown for its digestion-calming and antibacterial properties. Read on to discover more about the castor oil offered by All In Packaging.

Let’s look at some of the uses of castor oil in modern DIY and small batch cosmetics production. One of its primary uses is in skin moisturizers, where it helps with dry patches and smooth out rough age spots. And though it doesn’t actually cure dermatitis, it will help ease the symptoms.


As an antioxidant, castor oil is said to be a superior ingredient. This is because it helps to exfoliate the skin and unclog blocked pores along the way. It is even known to kill the bacteria that lead to conditions like acne.

Castor oil is an effective cleanser. The compound cleanses away dead cell skins that clog up pores. Moreover, it pulls out impurities that lead to other skin conditions. Unless it is used as an ingredient, castor oil is rubbed into the skin then washed away with warm water, taking with it so many impurities.

Because castor oil is something of a miracle ingredient, we offer it to DIY and larger cosmetics producers who want to make the best products possible. Most DIY and small-batch manufacturers want their products to be thought of as pure and wholesome, and castor oil definitely fulfills this role, as it is all natural.

Our unrefined castor oil comes in a 200 ml bottle and needn’t be bought in bulk to get our low price. Have a look here at our castor oil offering, and stick around to see what other great cosmetic ingredients we have for you at All In Packaging.