With holidays like Easter coming at this time of year, there will be a lot of feasting going on. Easter feasts are famous for providing a time and occasion when friends and family can gather to catch up over huge helpings of dishes like glazed ham, leg of lamb, casseroles, and other Easter dishes. Catering companies also see an uptick in business creating lavish Easter feasts for organizations and family reunions.


Such feasts, where a lot of hot food is served, benefit from having the right dishes to serve that food in. We are here with a dish that is absolutely perfect for holding, transporting and serving, not to mention, storing, a large portion of hot food. This is the Archipack 500 ml black serving dish with a transparent lid. This dish is loved by chefs and servers alike, whether they are using it for home use, or for industrial food service. There are many reasons for this, some of which we will detail below.


Foremost the Archipack serving dish was custom designed for serving a large quantity of hot food. The food-service safe  PP plastic insulates the food, keeping warmth in. The thick plastic of the rim will keep fingers from getting burned when handling (that said, still use protective gloves when necessary). With its broad opening, it is easy to ladle or spoon hot food directly from.


The transparent plastic lid on the serving dish is also a huge plus. As it is see-through, you needn’t open the lid, letting valuable heat escape, to know what is inside, or how much food remains. The lid is also useful when storing leftovers, and will help in keeping food fresh when stored in a refrigerator.


tmp_Oa29AbThe size is just right for serving a lot of food, while not being so large that it cannot be carried, or stored when not in use. Moreover, PP plastic is microwavable, so should the food cool down over the course of the feast, it can be easily warmed up again. And finally, the black plastic is attractive, but does not draw attention away from the appetizing-looking food it holds and showcases.


Of course we at All In Packaging have the Archipack 500 ml serving dish with transparent lid available at our webshop, along with so many other serving dishes and implements for the food service and catering industries, as well as for private use. Available in small to large quantities, have a look now and see all there is to love about this versatile, useful container.