So much energy and thought gets put into a product, that sometimes packaging is not fully attended to when releasing a product to the public. But the truth is that packaging can make or break a product. Look at Absolute Vodka, whose packaging and marketing transformed it from a local product into an international superbrand. Companies who are very vigilant about packaging will hire designers and artists, and take seriously their creative input. Sometimes this results in very unique packaging, which is something that can boost a brand’s profile and drive sales.

close up of white and gold eggs in egg box

Out of the box thinking when it comes to consumer goods benefits products that have personality to communicate, like cosmetics, food, and child-care products. Think of men’s underwear that comes in tennis ball cans, or juice that comes in the appropriate fruit-shaped box.

Studies show that consumers have a stronger attachment to packaging that appeals to them. Moreover, if the consumer is new to the product, they will be more likely to remember the product if its packaging is memorable. This means an increased chance of having that consumer return to that particular product, or enjoy the brand enough to try other products, even if they come in more conventional packaging.

Another advantage of using innovative packaging is it increases the consumer’s likelihood of making an impulse buy. The sudden appearance of whimsical and provocative packaging is inspiring. It makes such products ideal for buyers of gifts as well.

Companies that release products in limited innovative packages may also find that they get press coverage, if their product is unique enough. A well thought out product release in unique packaging can create a buzz around the product that bring attention and boosts sales.

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Picture Source: Envato Elements