It is well known that All In Packaging is a source for quality containers and packaging. We are a one-stop-shop for plastic, glass, and acrylic jars, bottle, toddles, and even cardboard boxes. As a full service, hybrid supplier, we even go so far as to offer label design and printing. But did you know that we also offer custom made design? This means you will get the right container or packaging, no matter how exacting your specifications are. Read on the discover how.


We have discussed in earlier posts how unique packaging can draw attention to your product and boost sales. We are here to help in creating such packaging. New technologies have come into play in recent years that allow us to design unique packaging and containers and make them available to consumers in low to high quantities, all at a low cost. Items as specific and technical as a trigger sprayer can even be custom-designed with these precise technologies.


How does it work? We begin with a consultation. From that expert designers produce a sketch, then move on to 3D rendering, a 3D prototype, a mould, and then production. If you chose, you can supplement your order with label design and printing as well.

Uniquely designed products are right for many of our clients. Some of them need a technical specification in the design that is not on the market, while others have a unique idea for marketing a product that involves a custom design. No matter what your needs or motivation for getting custom made design through All In Packaging, know that we have access to technology that allows us to bring to reality whatever design you may think of. Importantly, we can accomplish this for a low quantities, with a short lead time, and as an affordable cost.

If custom design is not exactly what you need, we are as always here with conventional packaging as part of our core services as a supplier of quality containers and packaging. Have a browse through our webshop, and if you don’t see exactly what you need, ask us about custom packaging. Our sales representatives are looking forward to your call.