Packaging is needed for a number of reasons, which includes expressing the main utility of the product. Each product comes with a promise, an assurance, and a purpose, which is well conveyed through its packaging. Thus, good packaging is known to ensure repeat purchase, increased sales, and increased profitability.

Good packaging is needed for a number of purposes. Some of the main reasons for having good packaging are the following:


Stand Out

Good packaging helps a product to easily stand out from all other similar products that are available in the same category. Attractive packaging helps in drawing the eye of the customer. It helps in communicating the essence of proposition. For example, cusps are often used for the purpose of packaging. These are usually pointy and sharp, which evoke various feelings of caution, danger and also fear. If there are cusp shapes in the logo of any product, it helps in attracting the attention of the buyers. It helps the product to stand out too.



Simple packaging is certainly more effective. Packaging helps in drawing the attention of the buyer. This does not mean flamboyant packaging will always sell. Calm, simple, and a clean package does attract the interest of the buyers and helps in selling products.

Whether you are planning to create a package for one product or thinking about selling more units by changing the package of an existing product, the appearance of your package is of prime importance. There are several manufacturers who believe that the packaging of a specific product plays a major role in the failure or success of a product.


tmp_VUoShYGreat Functionality

The primary purpose of product packaging is protection from various kind of damage. A good package helps in keeping a product protected while it is being transported from one place to another. A good package also helps in preventing any kind of damage while the product is displayed on the shelves.

Generally, products have a similar kind of packaging. For example, in the case of soup packaging, they need to have a good container.  A product needs to have an attractive package. The consumer will buy a product which looks attractive, when it is displayed on the shelves. Thus, companies usually carry out extensive research, based on the various designs, different types of packaging, and variety in designs.


Promotional Strategy

Packaging plays a crucial role in depicting information related to a product. Usually, good packaging will display crucial and necessary information related to a product with its label, which is very useful for the buyers.

Packaging contains nutritional as well as other information related to a product. All such information helps in selling a product, as it helps in communicating all the necessary information related to a product. This helps in selling a product, as the customer gets all the necessary information that is necessary for making a purchase decision. Information on the package helps the reader in making an informed decision about the product.

Packaging helps businesses in many ways. Small or large businesses have different types of packages depending on their budget, target customers, and the kind of product which they wish to sell.