It’s no secret that many plastic bottles are used once, discarded, and never reused or re-purposed. Part of the goal of this blog is to alert consumers to ways of making use of their plastic packaging once it has fulfilled its original purpose. This week we are here with an idea that is doubly clean: re-purposing a plastic bottle into a water filtration system. This is an idea that isn’t just good for the environment, it is also good for your health, and under extreme circumstances like a natural disaster, could even be life-saving.


To begin with, you will need two plastic bottles, a needle, a candle (and something to light it with), bulk activated carbon, a paper filter (which can be a piece of cloth or kitchen towel), a clip, pliers, and an ability to give a good hard blow. First, heat the needle over the candle, using the pair of pliers to hold the hot needle. Poke four or five holes in the bottom of the bottle. Then fill the bottle a third of the way up with activated carbon.


Next, you want to create a little pre-filtration system with the paper filter, be it a coffee filter or paper towel. Roll it into a cone shape, and close off the small end with a paper-clip. Cut the top third of the second bottle off, so it can act as a holder for the filter. Insert the filter in the cut-off top of your second bottle, so the small end of the filter is coming out of the mouth of the bottle, which is now funnel shaped.


Hold your paper filter, kept in place with the plastic bottle holder, over the first bottle and begin to pour in the water. Large particles will be caught by the paper filter, and after it enters the second bottle, smaller particles will be cleansed away by the carbon. Be sure to have a cup in place under the second bottle, to catch the filtered water. To speed up the process, blow on the mouth of the bottle to push the water through the carbon. For a visual representation of this project, search for DIY Water Filter in a Bottle on YouTube.


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Source: MakerBoat’s YouTube channel.